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Belgian Bliss

on January 20, 2010

The self-proclaimed foodies [chocoholics, in this case] that we are, Francis & I are always adventurous enough to go out of our way to try out any new and/or secret food haven we learn of. One of these discoveries is Chocolates by Benoit. The chocolatier Benoit Nicolay, a Belgian residing with his Filipina wife here in the Philippines for four years now, offers genuinely delectable hand-made fine Belgian truffles and pralines. We got really excited and agreed to sample his chocolates. We were able to show up on his doorstep before he closes [His home is open for visits/purchases every Mon-Fri from 8am-5pm only].

As we were ushered inside his home, we could only bite our lips to cover the whimpers of excitement that we are about to let out. The sweet, lingering scent of decadent chocolates wafting through the air as he brought us with him in his “workshop” is diabolically luring. We almost weren’t able to contain ourselves we wanted to ransack his display rack and fridge and just run home with all the luscious treats. But of course, we kept our composure and made small talk with the super accommodating Belgian while he let us choose what to bring home among his masterpieces. He was bubbly and warm. He gave us a brief description of how he makes his fine chocolates. He was even kind enough to suggest which are best among his products… and generous enough to give us free tastes of certain pieces.

Francis and I settled for a box of 9 which was reasonably priced at P340… but ended up buying an additional 100g pouch of dark chocolate biscuit crepes and another 100g pouch of filled white and milk chocolate smiles.

We said our thank-you’s and rushed home [literally]. Once we got home, we indulged. We gave in to the scent, the taste – the wonder – of the chocolates. Biting, chewing, dreaming of more … until we swallow — enormous melting mouthfuls and pleasures galore. One bite was all it took. We knew we’re going back for more!

Chocolates by Benoit

Benoit Nicolay, Chocolatier
Phone: 822-6995 or 0917-327-1877
Email: info@chocolatesbybenoit.com
Website: www.chocolatesbybenoit.com



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