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Fro-yo Time!

on January 22, 2010

Frozen yogurt stores and stalls have been sprouting like mushrooms since last year. But after trying almost all of the popular ones, I am partial to The White Hat. It is a the tiny fro-yo store that claims to serve authentic Italian, 98% fat-free frozen yogurt. It was definitely better than most of those from the other fro-yo stores I got to try. The White Hat is creamy and has that tangy yogurt kick I was looking for. Just like snacking on a churned version of Yakult. The rest, on the other hand, offer frozen yogurt that tastes exactly like vanilla ice cream. Tartness level: nada [which is too bad because that’s the whole point of having fro-yo and not ice cream].

So for a year now, my friends, my boyfriend, and I have been raving about and patronizing only The White Hat when our fro-yo cravings kick in. But two weeks ago, I have found something that would stack up against The White Hat. I actually found it by accident at The Pergola in BF Homes Parañaque after getting dessert from Elfav Ice Creamery, a store adjacent to it.

As my boyfriend and I were enjoying our ice cream, I chanced upon this sign with a familiar name. It said Dave’s Natural’s Premium Frozen Yogurt. I knew I have never tried that brand before but I was sure I’ve seen/read it from somewhere. The name was just too familiar. And then it dawned on me that it was the fro-yo making a lot of buzz in Salcedo Weekend Market that I was interested to try.

It was originally named “Froyo” when it first came out in Salcedo Weekend Market and was sold via cart [yes, just like a sorbetes cart] by David Onstott, the man who makes the frozen yogurt by hand, from scratch. His frozen yogurt automatically appealed to everyone because aside from the fact that he “handcrafts” it, it is also made from 100% fresh yogurt [unlike most of the fro-yo stores out in the market that make use of powdered yogurt]. No Refined Sugar. Nothing Artificial. Just fresh yogurt and fruit and/or another flavor.

I have then read in a known food blog that David re-branded his frozen yogurt line from Froyo to Dave’s Naturals Premium Frozen Yogurt, which he continues to sell in the Salcedo Market every Saturday and Legaspi Market every Sunday. He has also opened Onstott’s Yogurt Bar & Cafe hidden in a restaurant complex in Pasig. But what I do not know is that a stall of that very same fro-yo line stands just a few steps from where I was at the time. I hastily finished my cup of ice cream, not really reveling in it anymore and I briskly walked [almost ran] towards the fro-yo stall, practically leaving my boyfriend behind. It was then that I’ve decided that we are getting a second set of dessert.

There was a huge assortment of flavors. It was confusing and overwhelming at the same time.  We had to sample a puny bit of each flavor to decide which ones we’re getting. After the tasting session, I settled for wild berry while Francis chose mango. It only took us one spoonful, the rest was history. It is THE fro-yo. It didn’t even take us 5 minutes to consume a cup. We wanted more… but we knew that it would be too much already.

A week after, I came back at around 2pm, not really mindful of the scorching heat —  this time with my best friend. She was as giddy and thrilled as I was. I picked peach; she got strawberry. Then the expletives in between spoonfuls began to pour in, just as I have anticipated. She loved it! With the good service and the really good fro-yo priced reasonably [at P70 per cup], I think it was a hot midday well spent on a cool dessert. This is the best frozen yogurt for us now.

Dave’s Naturals Premium Frozen Yogurt
The Pergola, BF Homes, Parañaque City

Dave’s Naturals Premium Frozen Yogurt
12/F Food and Art Galerie GT Tower Ayala Avenue, Makati City

Onstott’s Yogurt Bar & Cafe
#16 Unit 1 United St. Brgy. Capitolyo, Pasig City



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