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on January 29, 2010

I have always been in search for great titles with bargain prices.  A favorite spot for such would be the main branch of National Bookstore in Cubao, near Gateway Mall. The entire 4th floor has been an essential part of my [bibliophile] life for it carries pre-owned/used books and some new reprints of trade paperbacks which you could get for as low as P30. The only setback for me is the fact that I live in the South and I have to go all the way to the North just for the books.

Booksale has been a more convenient way of getting my hands on the same sweet deals without having to worry about the distance and the hassle of swinging to [and from] Cubao. I have always been delighted to come across a store. I, admittedly, am impatient in terms of perusing into certain things but Booksale has this amazing way of augmenting my patience once I start to skim through pages of the various books around. [I prefer to assume that I suddenly acquire this amount of diligence and tolerance when it comes to browsing books.]

Just last December I was surprised to find out that there is actually an existing Booksale Warehouse. Even more astounding is the fact that it stands within Parañaque and is just a few minutes drive from my house. Upon learning about it, I rushed to the warehouse not mindful of the time [It was a quarter before five in the afternoon.] and by the minute I got there, they were closing. Bummer!

I was not able to visit back any sooner until last Saturday, around 10:30 in the morning. I came with Francis, as always, and we almost missed the place. Booksale Warehouse is unmarked and you can easily overlook and mistake it for an old house. Since it was located within a village, it is nearly impossible to find it unless you already have information that that particular house is indeed the Booksale Warehouse. The gate is kept closed unless a client, usually a dealer or a wholesaler, would be parking his car in the small garage.

Once inside, we asked if we could be allowed to scan through their available titles. With some hesitation, the lady in the receiving area finally permitted us and led us to this section called “the Supermarket”.  We were just advised to choose and bring our picks to her for pricing. The moment we stepped inside “the Supermarket” we were wide-mouthed and blown away. We did not know where and how to start. It was truly overwhelming. It was like being in heaven… an vast empyrean of books just for the two of us to enjoy.

Then we started with our book hunt. We were so immersed in riffing through the thousands of books that the next thing we knew, it was almost 12 noon — time for lunch. We decided to go someplace to grab a meal and go back to the warehouse after. Besides, they lock “the Supermarket” during the lunch hour. By 1 o’clock, we were back… ready for some more rummaging. We were allowed in by 1:30 and so the book quest continued.

By 2:30 we began feeling exhausted and weak. We found nine books but agreed on getting just five. We were sure to come back for the rest of the books anyway, after we finished reading the ones we singled out. So as instructed, we gave these books to the lady from the reception and had her compute the price. We were ecstatic to learn that our total bill was only P440 for the five books.

The discovery of such place is a boon on our part as well as all the other bookworms like Francis and I.

Booksale Warehouse
#25 Japan Street Better Living Subdivision
Parañaque City

*open from 8-11:30am and 1-3pm everyday except Sundays



2 responses to “Bookworm

  1. iamhunnybee says:

    WOW! i’m so jealous that you have something like this in the south! (my) Francis and i were down there last Saturday for my cousin’s baby shower. too bad i just stumbled upon your blod today. i would’ve been a kid in a candy store in that warehouse. 🙂

  2. Elena says:

    Hi! Would you know the telephone number of the warehouse? I have read other blog entries saying that they require 5k worth of minimum purchase. Though this is not tha case with your visit, I think it’s best if I ask them first before personally going to their place. 🙂

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