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A Whole New Bang to Sinigang

on February 9, 2010

So much good things have been said and written about Kanin Club. My interest was aroused all the more when it was included in last year’s MIELE restaurant guide, an annual, exclusive and indispensable handbook featuring Asia’s best restaurants.

Kanin Club was the brainchild of Anthony Mendoza, a chef and a hobbyist, together with his business partner and co-outdoorsman Tony Cancio of Café Breton fame. Both used to hang out in the latter’s restaurant [located in Paseo de Sta. Rosa] after long biking trips to Tagaytay. They and their biker friends end up craving for rice, which the crêperie does not offer. Thus, Kanin Club was born — for the sole purpose of satisfying their hankering for kanin. Chef Anthony occupied the space beside Café Breton and the rest was history.

I have always planned to dine in KC [as the restaurant now is popularly called] but always end up postponing. The branch nearest my place would be the one in Westgate but our weekend food-ventures never made it there as we constantly wind up at the BF Parañaque/Makati/Mandaluyong area. Francis and I that never got the chance to try out KC until yesterday, at the UP Techno Hub branch. Yes, far up north.

It was almost one in the afternoon when we got there yet the lunch rush was still on. The place was jampacked and we had to wait for 45 minutes before getting our seats. We were so hungry that we didn’t bother to read through the entire menu and just declared to our waiter that we’re getting simply the crispy dinuguan and the sinigang na sinangag plus 2 glasses of green iced tea. The waiter, in turn, informed us that it would take around 15 minutes for our orders to be served. I just nodded and the waiter took off. Since we were left with no other choice [We really were lusting to try out the dishes we asked for besides the fact that we were famished.], we agreed to accept the waiting time, albeit rather lengthy.

While waiting for our food, we took photos of part of the many lovely details around the restaurant. KC offers Filipino cuisine [with modern twists] so it is but apt to establish homegrown touches to the already classy ambiance. Here are a few of those which added to the whole Filipino dining experience:

After about 20 minutes of waiting, the waiter finally appeared with our food. We were so hungry that we almost forgot to take pictures. But, of course, we still did.

The Crispy Dinuguan is Kanin Club’s claim to fame. The restaurant almost solely built its reputation on this dish. In the menu, it was written that a lot have tried imitating it and attempted to come up with their own versions but failed to be at par with KC’s original. The dinuguan was interestingly unique but it worked — definitely! It is in fact just crunchy lechon kawali stewed in pork’s blood and vinegar. The crispiness of the pork and the rich spicy-sour sauce was made for a remarkable pairing. Though it looks like the traditional dinuguan made with pork blood, pork meat and innards flavored with vinegar, garlic and green pepper, KC’s version will only reveal it’s magic once popped into the mouth; the crackling, wonderfully explosive. For two persons, though, the serving portion was way too much. We finished just half of it, despite the fact that it was really yummy. [For the hypertensive, bring your medication with you. It will come in handy. ]

We got the Sinigang na Sinangag for our kanin though Francis was quite apprehensive to try it out. Being the sinigang lover that I am, I was attracted to the dish right away. The Sinigang na Sinangag was an instant hit with Francis the moment he shoved a spoonful in his mouth. It was presented appealingly — with bits and pieces of kangkong fried in tempura batter to accentuate the entire dish. The rice even had chunks of tomato and eggplant, slices of green peppers, raddish, string beans and slivers of deep-fried pork belly. It had just the right amount of Sinigang sourness minus the actual broth. It went well with the Crispy Dinuguan. I personally think that I can consume the sinangag on its own. It was that good!

As I’ve have mentioned, we asked for the green iced tea to down our meal. It was refreshing with that hint of mint along the tart-bitterness of green tea. The huge glass was just enough.

It was actually an eat-curse-eat session during lunch. Francis particularly believed it was one of the best meals he ever had. Plus we cannot get over the annoying fact that it took us so long to get ourselves to eat there. In fact, Kanin Club made such an impression on us that we decided to be back [at the Westgate branch] again this week. We just hope that service would be much much faster and the waiters would be way snappier than those from the Technohub branch. Kanin Club is, obvoiusly, all about rice but we have yet to try the other scrumptious Filipino fusion dishes they offer. Two thumbs up for this one.

Kanin Club

Westgate, Alabang

Paseo De Sta.Rosa
Sta. Rosa City, Laguna
(049) 544-0332

G/F AyalaLand-UP TechnoHub,
Commonwealth Avenue, Brgy. U.P. Campus, QC



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  1. uber love their seafood salpicao and sinigang! 🙂

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