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Wild Bite (1st of 2 Parts)

on February 17, 2010

As I was rounding up my plans for a Valentine surprise for Francis, I stumbled upon a food blog which featured a unique collection of treats. These treats immediately nabbed my attention for they were made with green tea. Oh yes! Matcha, my love. Being such a sucker for green tea, the mere thought excited me.

Chris Chan, an automobile manufacturing executive by day who then digs into the distinction of green tea by night, started a business offering treats flavored with green tea. The idea of putting up this venture was conceived through his realization that green tea pastries, being something many would want to try out, are difficult to look for. He aptly named his business Wildbite — to communicate his passion to bring strong and unique flavors “to the sea of chocolate chip and red velvet in the market today”.

He, with the help of his girlfriend, makes his products personally. Only premium-grade matcha is used in his recipes. As for the rest of the ingredients, he gets them through a baking specialty store plus other “secret” sources.

The concept of coupling green tea with white chocolate thrilled me. This whole new idea, all the more, provoked my anticipation. I did not waste time and tried reaching Chris. I ordered two boxes of his Green Tea Chocolates. [One was for Francis and naturally, the other one was for me to gobble up.]

The chocolates were neatly packaged in this box accented with a pretty ribbon, perfect as gift. Rectangles of green were a lovely sight with those tiny ripples formed on top. The green tea flavor was well-muted by the white chocolate. Its tart-bitterness, subtle against the chocolate’s creamy sweetness. The green tea bite I look for in any matcha-flavored goodie was present, making it a instant hit for me. I was certain Francis would love it as well.

The day I gave Francis his green tea chocolates was the very day he was introduced to the beautiful pairing of green tea and [white] chocolate. [We first tried matcha + chocolate through Pino ice cream cups.] He was indulgent in his treats and as I have anticipated, he loved them. We agreed to order more from Chris as well as to try out his crisps and cookies.

Wildbite by Chris Chan

0917 327.6559



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