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Wildbite (2nd of 2 Parts)

on February 25, 2010

As promised [to my matcha-junkie self], I purchased Wildbite’s green tea crisps and cookies. Timing was on my side for the green tea cookies had just been reformulated and made better when I placed my orders. Since I was more than satisfied with the green tea chocolates, I quite expected the same quality for the other green tea pastries I got my hands on.

It was a Saturday evening when I picked up my orders, right before Francis and I went out to have our usual dinner/food-venture. As I got back in the car, I foraged through my loot. I first pulled out the dainty plastic cannikin containing half a dozen cookies. The cookies were nicely packaged. It had this sticker label on one side and a haiku [about green tea, of course] stuck on the other. I find it classy and cute at the same time.

The second I lifted the lid, the wonderful, sweet, baked-freshness wafted throughout the car. The aroma was irresistible that I literally had to chomp off a big piece, almost consuming more than half of the cookie. [One is actually bigger than an average-sized chocolate chip cookie.] I stuffed the remaining part in Francis’ waiting mouth. The cookie tasted as great as it smelled. The texture was awesome — it was actually fudgy and not crumbly as I have thought. It tasted buttery but brings forth that distinct green tea bitterness. The contrast of the strong flavor of green tea against the creamy sweetness of the white chocolate chips, again, made the grade. It was delicious! The reformulation was a success. It brought out a stronger taste and bite, which I think was lacking in the former mix — as taken from previous reviews.

Next were the crisps. They were packaged in the same plastic cannikin with the label and the haiku. The crisps looked like sugar cookies or those Danish cookies topped with sugar, only thinner. A container holds a dozen of these matcha crisps. One bite and green tea goodness came creeping in. Subdued, then gradually, turns sharp. The flavor was so subtle at first that Francis actually thought that the crisp tasted nothing like green tea. Then suddenly a burst of rich flavor and that matcha kick made their presence felt. The crisp was melt-in-your-mouth. It was good. Francis and I both agreed the crisps would be perfect match for coffee, hot chocolate, and even tea.

Chris Chan and his girlfriend, with their venture on green tea pastries, are definitely making a name in the market today. All the needed re-concocting, trial-and-error adjustments, and improvements will stand in good stead in Wildbite’s future.

Wildbite by Chris Chan

0917 327.6559



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