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Free Sunsilk 10 Days Damaged Hair Reconstruction Kit

on February 26, 2010

I came across an ad in the newspaper last February 4, 2010 about getting a free Damaged Hair Repair Kit from Sunsilk. It was written that all I had to do was to text 10DAYS and send it to 2600. So I did. A few minutes later, I received an SMS acknowledging that I have joined their promo and that I will be given a Sunsilk Kit for free which they will be shipping [again, for free] to my address after I register.

I was given instructions on how to register. Here’s the format of the registration: text 10DAYS REG Name/Address and send to 2600. Example: 10DAYS REG Juan Dela Cruz/#123 Dahlia St., Pasig City. After my successful registration, I received yet another SMS explaining that a representative from Sunsilk will be getting in touch with me within the week to request for the necessary details which included my full name and address. Almost two weeks had passed without a call or a text message from any Sunsilk personnel. Naturally, I sour-graped and decided not to trust in similar promos in the future. I just wasted my cellphone load. In my mind, it was made up — the ad was bogus.

On February 18, 2010, however, I got an SMS from a certain Mafhe, who happened to be from Sunsilk. She asked if it was all right for her to call. I took the call and she verified my registration. As advised earlier, I was asked for my full name, address and some other vital information. I was told to expect my kit 10 days after that conversation. To my surprise, the package arrived the following day.

My kit contained a 200ml bottle of Sunsilk Damage Repair shampoo and a 200ml tube of Sunsilk Damage Repair conditioner. The timing was just perfect since I was running out of shampoo. YAY!!! I have been using the pair since the 21st and boy, they smell wonderful!!!

Hurry!!! This offer is good only until April 17, 2010. Turn on that cellphone and text away!

Do NOT proceed directly to registration. You must text 10DAYS to 2600 first before registering or it won’t be considered valid.



2 responses to “Free Sunsilk 10 Days Damaged Hair Reconstruction Kit

  1. Lulu says:

    Is it open to brunei??

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