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Charbroiled Burgers And A Whole Lot More

on March 9, 2010

In thrift mode and in search for a food shack close-at-hand, Francis and I drove along Aguirre Street in BF Homes, Parañaque and found ourselves drawn towards this unpretentious café that offers charbroiled burgers as their specialty. It was ironically named Gourmet’s Palate for the food they serve here was nothing gourmet or haute cuisine — just good old burgers, tacos, burritos, and other really good but non- fine dining stuff. The place was rather small. The actual restaurant had only six tables. To accommodate other clients, additional tables had to be set up outside.

The inside appeared pretty homey and laid-back. We waited a few minutes for seats and once settled we were handed the menu. It was a laminated yellow sheet with their fare listed in categories. It was back-to-back and really simple. It went with the whole modest ambiance of the café.

For starters, we ordered their nachos with everything on it. “Everything” meant cheese, meat sauce, sour cream, Jalapeño peppers, salsa, and mushrooms. The serving was generous. This was priced at P58 only.

Since everyone was raving about their burgers, we decided to try them out. Francis had the Blue Thunder while I got Garlic Scream. Blue Thunder had dollops of bleu cheese dressing in between the charbroiled beef patty and the slaw. Garlic Scream, on the other hand, contained this herb-based sauce with a strong garlicky flavor. We asked for cheese to be added to our burgers. Their burgers were huge. The patties were juicy and, at the same time, slightly charred in texture, which we liked. There was a lovely smoky flavor from the beef and a distinctive roast aroma that made our burgers more luring. The sauces went well with the flavorful beef. We got the Blue thunder for P83 and Garlic Scream for P79.



Our second trip to Gourmet’s Palate was caused by a desire for a Mongolian Bowl. We were aware then that the café was quite popular, aside from the burgers, with what they call Takaw Bowls. These are large bowls of rice that come with assorted toppings of your choice. An order of these may be eaten by itself or with a separate order of viand. I got the Mongolian Takaw since I was craving for it while Francis opted for the Beef Takaw. Both were topped with fried egg and cost P76 each. The Mongolian Takaw was yummy as it is but it got way more delightful when drizzled with the café’s signature garlic sauce. Francis did the same with his and enjoyed it more. The rice was so savory and every spoonful was never boring. I was happy — my craving was gratified.



We partnered an order of gyoza and a small plate of fried shrimp dumplings with our rice bowls. The gyoza dough was wonderfully crisp and its filling, surprisingly packed. Their was the distinct taste of leek combined with the slight sweetness of pork. It came with a dipping sauce of mixed vinegar and shoyu. We were pleased with it. The fried shrimp dumpling, meanwhile, was quite disappointing. Its fishy [or shalll I say seafood-y] flavor was overpowering. Plus, it was too oily. We also thought it was over-fried for the wrapper was crumbly and the shrimp filling was tough. The gyoza and the shrimp siomai were priced P51 and P40, respectively.



For our drinks, we had a glass of iced tea for P29 and a glass of Chinese gulaman for P28. Not bad — the glasses they used were tall.

Discovering a place in a neighboring village with a wide variety of good food at very reasonable prices always gives me an odd feeling of pride, excitement, and contentment all at the same time. It is like being successful with a treasure hunt of sorts. I do not only get to bring to light certain foodie mines but also get to share the fantastic experience of trying them out with my better half.


Charbroiled Burgers. Steaks. Tacos. Buritos. Shawarma.

Aguirre Avenue Phase 1 and 3
BF Homes Paranaque
Phone: 809-4273 (Delivery); 820-4904 (Phase 3 Pick-up only)



3 responses to “Charbroiled Burgers And A Whole Lot More

  1. u8mypinkcookies says:

    agree!!! I love it here too! 🙂

  2. iamhunnybee says:

    dash! you’re lucky to have something like aguirre street in the south. that place was pretty packed with quaint cafes and hole in the wall restos. i wish we had something like that here up north. next time ur in qc, may i recommend OMA resto and bar in morato. they have the BEST tilapia sisig in town. their pizzas are yummy too. and try their cocktails (i love lemon drops and mango mint). see you there soon? 🙂

  3. I do not wish to throw a wet blanket to this praise party. It just so happens that when I eat here, many times I get the runs. The food could get quite addicting except for this downer.

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