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Cold Comfort

on March 16, 2010

I am and have always been a chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream addict. And since Rustan’s [and Duty Free] ceased carrying Ben & Jerry’s, I’ve always turned to Sebastian’s Ice Cream Studio for my chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream fix. In June of 2009, I have read from one of my favorite food blogs about the planned opening of Sebastian’s very first ice cream shop. [The Ice Cream Studios were just stalls located around malls and not actual stores/shops.] I was delighted with the news but forgot all about it until just last week.

As I was reading the papers a week ago, I came across an article in the lifestyle section about thirty-four-year-old Ian Carandang, a modern-day sorbetero who also happens to be the the brains [and hands] behind Sebastian’s. The feature basically contained the history of his ice cream line.

Ian, who took up Business Administration and Fine Arts Visual Communication in UP Diliman, ditched his dreams of becoming a consequential animator. He started a small family-run restaurant called Hotstix Barbecue in Quezon City, where he served his ice cream, too. But he noticed that there was greater potential in his ice cream than the barbecue they serve. This ice cream-making hobby of his has grown into a business venture with the help of  a couple of  college friends. The two friends set out to take Ian’s creations to the next level. Thus, Sebastian’s Ice Cream Studio was born. Now, the trio create their own brand that people cannot seem to get enough of.

Towards the end of the article I was reminded of the presently operational ice cream parlor by Sebastian’s in SM Mall of Asia named Cold Comfort. The whole write-up about ice cream made me cry out for some. I excitedly told Francis about my plans of dropping by Cold Comfort and we found ourselves giddily rushing towards the shop the following evening.

This was how the specialty ice cream store looked like.

The store offers three specialty ice cream lines: their signature line, a sugar-free line suitably called Sweet Freedom, and an artisanal line featuring hand-mixed premium ingredients. They have a mind-blowing assortment of flavors [over 150 flavors] across all three lines, with new ones constantly being introduced.

I was in a mood for some change that night so I’ve decided to get something un-chocolate chip cookie dough. And this was what I indulged in.

Dessert For Breakfast [P220] was an amazing serving of crisp, freshly-baked Belgian waffle paired with a large scoop of Butter Pecan ice cream topped with whipped cream and dusted with powdered sugar. This one came with some maple syrup too. But I did not bother to use it. One bite and I was hooked! The stark crispiness of the warm waffle against the cascade of creamy goodness was swoon-worthy. It was a medley of cool, buttery, rich, nutty perfection. I can make the Butter Pecan ice cream a substitute for butter on my waffles/pancakes any day! Another eat-curse moment that was.

Francis opted for the Mango Split [P225].

His was a dish of one mammoth scoop of vanilla bean ice cream sitting in between fresh mango halves topped with mango puree and whipped cream. This creation was made to celebrate the most luscious of Philippine fruits. Francis made sure that each spoonful contained parts of everything. The upward rolling of his eyeballs was his way of saying that his dessert was divine. The Mango Split, a well-executed treat, truly deserves being regarded as their bestseller.

Specially-crafted ice cream entrees like these take dessert to a new level. There are still an awesome lot of Sebastian’s Originals that we have yet to revel in. On our next visit, Francis and I, the dessert monsters that we are, would probably accept the challenge of devouring the Battle Royale Sundae… eight whopping scoops of a variety of flavors on a bed of crushed cookies, garnished with chocolate-covered potato chips, topped with whipped cream rosettes and a maraschino cherry, sprinkled with a selection of chopped nuts, drizzled with hot fudge and caramel sauce.

Would you help us take this challenge and annihilate the Battle Royale Sundae together?

Sebastian’s Cold Comfort
2/F SM Mall of Asia Entertainment Mall, opposite IMAX exit
Contact Number: 0915.489.5753



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