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Of Buffalo Wings And Things

on March 26, 2010

I first learned about it last year through an invite to join their Facebook Fan Page. This particular dine-and-hang-out place that serves amazing Buffalo Wings and other American, as well as Mexican, comfort food tickled my fancy. It automatically joined my list of must-visit restaurants and took its place as one of the itineraries for my usual Saturday night food-ventures with Francis. The branch nearest our place was the one in BF Homes Parañaque along Aguirre Avenue so we had to scuttle one night to where it was located. We were eager to test what they had to offer.

The place was rather small… an orange-y brilliance illuminating the area. There were six sets of tables and benches that can accommodate clients. Photos of New York City in black-and-white adorned the walls. A plasma TV was strategically mounted on one corner. A ‘Buffalo gal’ obsequiously waited on tables and was submissive to a customer’s every whim.

Evidently, the specialty were Buffalo Wings. The menu [click to enlarge] was highly interesting with lots of wings and signature sauces to choose from. Their Champion Buffalo Wings [as what they termed their claim to fame] came with a variety of sauces with ascending levels of hotness [signified by the number of flame graphics as seen in the menu]. The 5 spicy levels started from the most conservative ‘Rookie’ moving up to the ‘Nuclear’ on the other extreme. Non-spicy sauces such as Garlic Parmesan, Java Jive, Honey BBQ, and Bulgogi are also available for the less adventurous.

As I’ve mentioned, the restaurant serves alternative American favorites — fries, Philly cheese steaks, burgers, hotdogs and also some Mexican classics like quesadillas, nachos, burritos, and salsas. As for drinks, the place offers good old soda by the can, frozen cocktails by the glass and/or pitcher, local beers, as well as specialty beers.

On our first visit, these were what we got ourselves.





We loved the frozen margarita and we found it really helpful in washing out the heat from our Buffalo wings. Francis and I started with our badass Philly cheese steak. It was huge and oozing with cheese. The savory-goodness of the tender beef chunks blended well the sweetness of slightly caramelized onions and the soft bun they came in with. We were glad to have decided to order that. Then we tried the wings in New York’s Finest signature sauce. We picked that instead of starting out with ‘Rookie’ because we love our food spicy yet we weren’t that audacious to get the extra spicy ones. We wanted to enjoy our food that night and not succumb to challenging ourselves to go for the wings with the greatest heat level. Surprisingly, the wings had some sour component. [I actually found it a tad sour.] The spicy-ness was tolerable and the chicken itself was juicy; its skin was wonderfully crisp. I personally think that the sourness overpowered the hotness of the sauce and, therefore, can still be reduced. We finished it just the same. Dunking the wings in the special bleu cheese dip made the experience doubly delightful, at the same time, neutralized too much heat from the sauce. Next, we had a break from the hot wings and sampled the wings in Garlic Parmesan signature sauce. The chicken was bathed in a buttery liquid with bits of parsley. The meat was remarkable with shreds of Parmesan and a rich garlicky taste that did not disappoint. It was great with the bleu cheese dip too. Although at one point it gave a hint of umay/suya.

On our next visit, a weeknight this time, we ordered the following:


TRIPLE SAMPLER in these sauces:





The fries were absolutely delicious! It was just like a big serving of crispy fries poured with chili con carne [minus the kidney beans] and generously drizzled with a gob of cheese sauce on top. We could wolf it down any day! I greatly recommend this. It was one of the many reasons why we kept coming back. This time, we were game for the Triple Sampler… three servings of half pound of wings in different signature sauces of your choice. We, again, got the one in Garlic Parmesan then agreed upon trying out wings in Java Jive sauce. Francis thought it was time to shift gears and experience the next of the spicy ones so for the third half-pound, it had to be the wings in the Firehouse Classic sauce. And since we have learned that the bleu cheese dip goes well with wings in any sauce, we ordered a dish of that again. We craved for rice with our chicken so we asked for the NY Dirty Rice, which happened to be the only rice in the menu.

The Java Jive was a little sweet, somewhat zesty, and nutty all at the same time. It had a faint smokey taste which could have led me to believe that the sauce was roasted with something — coffee beans perhaps? Though we can’t really put a finger on what exactly it tasted like, we enjoyed it. On the other hand, I did not revel in the Firehouse Classic sauce. It was too hot for my taste. I only consumed a wing and let Francis finish the rest. He said he felt and tasted the significant increase in intensity but was still bearable for him. By the time he was almost done with his Firehouse Classic, he was sweating all over the place. He seemed genuinely delighted with it, nevertheless.

The NY Dirty Rice was a winner!!! I would be able to eat the rice by itself. Francis had the very same thought. The NY Dirty Rice was a Cajun dish made from white rice cooked with chicken innards, which gave it a “dirty” color and a mild but distinct flavor. It included a mix of ground beef and minced green bell peppers, onions, celery, and tomatoes. This one is a must-try.

We went back there a couple more times. Though in the most recent visit, we noticed that the menu was changed. Little alterations, replacements, and omissions brought on a new menu. [Click it to enlarge] An added hit to the chicken wing staples are the chicken fingers and the special dips that go well with them. Another fresh addition, another new feat, another memorable foodie experience.

Are you ready to get Buffaloed???

Buffalo’s Wings N’ Things
Food Street, Ortigas Home Depot
Telephone Number: 9948887

Aguirre Ave., BF Homes Paranaque
Telephone Number: 7034867

G-Strip, Greenhills Shopping Center
Telephone Number: 7886900

Mon – Thurs:
12:00 pm to 1:00 am
Fri – Sat:
12:00 pm to 2:00 am
12:00 pm to 12:00 am



One response to “Of Buffalo Wings And Things

  1. iamhunnybee says:

    great blog, dash! i’ve been wanting to make one too for the longest time. i’m just too lazy to start one because of the technical side of it. 🙂 anyway, have you tried charlie’s grind and grill? it kind of reminded me of this place. they have the best chili and cheese fries! plus they serve duck fat fries to, which i have yet to taste because it’s always sold out. 🙂 keep blogging!

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