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Chinese Fried Chicken?!?

on April 29, 2010

Who doesn’t love fried chicken? The people at Sincerity Restaurant know that a sizable serving of this classic favorite is impossible to resist. So with a fried chicken craving I found myself, one fine morning, braving Binondo traffic for a taste of my favorite deep-fried breaded chicken. What made the trip doubly rewarding was the fact that I was bringing Francis to Sincerity Restaurant for the first time to share with him the unique goodness of Chinese fried chicken.

I first tasted Sincerity’s famous chicken through a friend of my mom’s. That friend of hers, who use to frequent the Binondo-Sta. Cruz area, once invited us to have an intimate dinner at her place. Oddly, the host, whom we have known to create culinary masterpieces for dinners such as this one, served us only store-bought fried chicken and gravy, kikiam, and a strange-looking omelette [yes, for dinner]. Trying to be the affable guest, I concealed my disappointment and politely accepted the dishes being passed on to me. That was the very moment that I gave myself in to the charm of Chinese [believe it it not, there is actually such] fried chicken and the other fantastic dishes of Sincerity Restaurant.

Sincerity Restaurant is an unassuming cafe along Yuchengco [formerly Nueva] Street is Binondo. Since there is just a ghost of a chance that we’ll be able to locate a parking slot, we agreed to to walk from Dasmariñas Street towards Yuchengo. For someone unfamiliar with the place, he might walk past and miss it. A good landmark would be the old BPI Family Savings Bank right across the restaurant. The sign directly above Sincerity’s entrance shows a smiling Chinese boy with a bowl of rice and a pair of chopsticks. The restaurant is almost always crowded with Chinoys from around Binondo and pure Pinoys like us who might have dropped by also to satisfy certain cravings.

For a little over half a century, Sincerity Restaurant has satisfied cravings for authentic Chinese dishes and for what many consider the best fried chicken they’ve ever tasted. So with that being said, we ordered a half serving [6-8 cuts/pieces] of their classic fried chicken at P150 [A whole serving comes at a P350 price tag]. This bestseller is a feast for the senses. First, it lures many with the aroma of a deliciously deep-fried food. The mere sight of its crispy, golden brown skin is enough to make mouths water. But definitely it is that distinct [Chinese] flavor unique to Sincerity’s chicken — a sweet, savory seasoning absorbed by the juicy and tender meat which excites the palate — that is sure to keep a lot of people coming back for more. The fried chicken came out hot-crisp, garlicky, and with a fragrant hint of wood and seed spices that never leaves the “taste memory”.

We got ourselves a bowl of Kiampong each to go with our chicken. Kiampong is glutinous soy rice with peanuts, shallots, garlic, pork and/or chicken chunks, mustard greens, mushrooms, and scallops. It was served still steaming. A tiny bowl might appear scanty but the rice is packed and it could be surprisingly filling. The Kiampong was so good I could finish it on its own anytime.

Our Sincerity meal would not be complete without the Oyster Cake [P120 small/P180 large]. The oyster cake is a mix of fresh, succulent oysters in a bed of scrambled eggs and chopped green onions served on a huge, round plate. An order came with a bowl of pickled radish, which Francis did not even touch. The oyster cake looks like a conventional omelette, only sticky. It is best eaten with a blend of ketchup and hot sauce and, of course, with Kiampong.

For drinks, we just had two orders of canned soda [Royal Tru-Grape] poured on ice-filled glasses, and some water.

Other must-try dishes on their sincerely scrumptious menu are Kikiam, Duck Misua, Pata Tim, Chinese Sausage, Chami, and Machang.

Sincerity Fried Chicken today is still the one of a kind, good to the last bite, crispy-tender, best chicken recipe in Chinatown. With years of success in the food industry, Sincerity Restaurant continues to provide a great dining experience to every client. Sincerity has created a loyal and growing customer base and for most, revisiting the restaurant in Binondo is a practice passed on from one generation to the next and consistently reveled in. The original all-time favorites are still worth the trip.

Sincerity Cafe & Restaurant

497 E.T. Yuchengco St. (formerly Nueva St.), Binondo, Manila
Telephone Numbers: 241-9990 / 241-9972



2 responses to “Chinese Fried Chicken?!?

  1. docgelo says:

    what’s great about binondo is the abundance of chinese food places… and my oh my, we haven’t tried sincerity yet! so there; that’s another reason to dropped by manila chinatown again!

  2. dashashash says:

    Binondo, particularly Onpin, is a foodie haven! And I have a dozen or two places to suggest for you and your family to try. But right now, I greatly recommend that you drop by Sincerity once a hankering for fried chicken kicks in. Ü

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