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Noodle Soup Served Bicol-Style

on May 7, 2010

I spent the Labor Day weekend in Naga City. My parents and I drove for 8 hours down the South road all the way to the province. The main reason of our Bicol trip was the fact that it was our family’s turn to change the garments of the image of the Virgin Mary the grandmother of my grandmother’s mother donated to a capilla in Carangcang [a barrio in the town of Magarao] in 1888. An image of Nuestra Señora de la Paz y Buen Viaje, similar to the wildly popular one in Antipolo, was the one we needed to dress and prep-up for the barrio fiesta.

My second [and more convincing] reason for tagging along with my folks was a love affair I have with Kinalas. Every trip to Naga automatically means a rekindling of the romance I have with this particular dish. I never would let such a noteworthy experience as enjoying a bowl slip away.

To the unversed, Kinalas and Log-Log are noodle soup dishes, Bicol-style. They are made up of savory broth, fresh mami noodles, and a thick piquant sauce. The sauce is similar to that of a Pansit Palabok, only a deep brown instead of an orange-y tinge. Kinalas and Log-Log are basically the same, except that the former contains pieces of meat and innards while the latter has none.

The flavor of Kinalas and Log-Log springs from their sauce and broth, which both depend on an entirely humble component – skinned pork or cow head. Often disposed after obtaining the parts of the face for sisig, the whole skull is simmered to make a full-bodied broth. Before anyone cringes, allow me to explain that using pig/cow skull to make soup is not savagery but sheer ingenuity. The great cuisines of the world – Chinese, French, Italian – have long depended on bones to make really good stock to give boldness to their soups, stews, and sauces. Bones, which consist of collagen and mineral salts, are packed with flavor. As they are slow-cooked, they release their essence and give a deep taste to the stock. Swine and bovine skulls are pure bones that are not only cheap and readily available, but also vital in releasing a rich taste without the fats from those with marrow.

To make Kinalas, the [fall-off-the-bones] meat is stripped off from the simmered head [hence the name], cut, and scattered atop the noodles and sauce before the broth is poured in. A bowl is served piping hot with a sprinkle of chopped spring onions, toasted garlic bits, a whole boiled egg, and a range of condiments on the side. Such condiments include patis, sliced calamansi or vinegar infused with chili and onions [for a subtle tang to the broth], and a handful of fresh siling labuyo [to fire up each spoonful]. For those who do not have asbestos-lined palates like most Bicolanos, there is always ground black pepper.

Any Naga trip wouldn’t be complete without a bowl of this ambrosial dish. It is best eaten with a small platter of baduya [banana fritters] or a couple of puto-pao. You may even ask for extra sauce without any additional fee, even extra noodles! How awesome is that? So if ever you’d be around Naga City, I suggest you hurry to either Dimasalang Street for Cely’s or scuttle along Dayangdang Road and you won’t miss Kinalas Twin. These two eateries serve the best-tasting Kinalas in the city. Go ahead… you’ll thank me for it.

Aling Cely’s Eatery
Dimasalang corner Barlin Street
Naga City, Camarines Sur

Kinalas Twin
Dayangdang Street
Naga City, Camarines Sur



8 responses to “Noodle Soup Served Bicol-Style

  1. docgelo says:

    what a noble cause to drive down south.

    that noodle dish looks enticingly delicious. i should remember it whenever i get a chance to travel to bicol; never been to that part of the country yet.

  2. charmdespacio says:

    You can also try our loglog and kinalas at ABI VIKTORIAS GRILL in JPII building, bagumbayan sur, Naga city at the back of USI.
    come and visit us.. thanks!

    • dashashash says:

      thanks for the tip, charm! 🙂 i’m gonna look for your place when i go back to Naga this December. 😀

      • charmdespacio says:

        hello po.. we’ve change our location to a new and better place. ABI VIKTORIAS GRILL is now located at penafrancia ave. naga city. infront of cam high. come and try our loglog and kinalas thanks.

  3. […] CWC, the huge watersports complex in town of Pili, which is now a global attraction. Third would be Kinalas and/or Log-log — the noodle soup that Naga is famous for. Most recently, a more commercial […]

  4. arianne says:


  5. […] CWC, the huge watersports complex in town of Pili, which is now a global attraction. Third would be Kinalas and/or Log-log — the noodle soup that Naga is famous for. Most recently, a more commercial […]

  6. ChopsueyRice says:

    There’s a place in Quezon City that serves Kinalas. Here’s my post about it http://chopsueyrice.blogspot.com/2011/08/kinalas-in-metro-manila.html

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