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The Real Taste of Italia

on May 24, 2010

I came to Cebu with my folks last weekend to visit my brother. We spent three straight days strolling, buying pasalubong, and eating. As we were walking around SM City Cebu right after a lunch [and dessert] buffet, my brother brought me to this ice cream stall which serves a wide selection of flavors, including unusual ones — those that are only for the daring. The stall was called Gelatissimo and it claimed to sell authentic gelato made fresh daily [in-store] using a genuine Italian family recipe. I would have ignored it if not for one flavor that did a fine job catching my attention. I was beckoned by a tub of rich chocolate ice cream with a big label that read CHILI CHOCOLATE. I was sold.

I have always marveled at the beautiful pairing of chocolate and chili. I’ve seen the combination being used a number of times in cooking shows from different food channels. I was so consumed by it that I felt the need to make something with that combo. I was finally able to experience it first from a Mexican hot chocolate cupcake, the recipe of which I got from the Internet. The smooth sweetness of chocolate immediately followed by a kick from the heat of the powdered chili took me by surprise. It gave a lovely feeling in the mouth which I never thought I would actually like.

That moment of acquaintance with Gelatissimo in SM made such an impact on the foodie part of me. Too bad I was still so full from lunch and the various helping of dessert I wolfed down minutes before I stood face-to-face with the assortment of gelato. I promised not to fly back to Manila until I try that one out. It nagged on me. It tugged at my mind as I continue to try to enjoy the rest of what Cebu has to offer. I made a firm decision that I will get dessert from Gelatissimo the following day.

And so I did. I was thrilled to learn that there is a Gelatissimo store somewhere in Ayala Terraces, where we had lunch. As my family approached the store, we were greeted with a strikingly long line of customers. Almost all the tables were occupied; many customers were just standing while enjoying their ice cream. We fell in line anyway.

Gelatissimo’s award-winning gelato is Australia’s most popular. Their premium dairy and sorbet flavours are low-fat, creamy, and healthy alternatives to traditional ice cream. They carry a huge array of flavors — from classic Chocolate, Vanilla, and Strawberry to sorbet Green Apple, Mango, and Mandarin to unique flavors as Caramelized Fig, Honey Toffee Malt, and Biscottine. The store also offers seasonal varieties like Lemon Cheesecake, Berry Pavlova, Caribbean Papaya & Passionfruit, and Tahitian Coconut Cream & Lime for everyone to try. Since they have over two dozens of flavors available per week [they change their menu from time to time, which is I think is nice], Gelatissimo gives taste tests. All you have to do is ask for a taste of the flavor/s you’re thinking of having [yes, they don’t scrimp… you can actually try all the flavors!] and they would hand you a colored plastic spoon with a gob of gelato of your preferred flavor.

A scoop [either in a cup or cone] costs P95. Double scoop comes at P160. Yes, a little steep if you ask me. We all got a scoop each just the same. Of course, I got what I was lusting for… Chili Chocolate. But it was not available on their display case [and I became upset instantly]. Desperate, I still asked if they have it and was greatly relieved to learn that since not too many are audacious enough to try the flavor, tubs of it are stashed in their kitchen fridge. Only those familiar and regular patrons of the flavor know that Gelatissimo sells it even if not on display. YAY!!! Mom got Tahitian Coconut Cream & Lime. Dad settled for Mango. Dot was enticed by the Lemon Cheesecake so he had that.

The chocolate was rich, creamy, smooth, and worth indulging-in then suddenly the bite of the chili dominated the aftertaste. It satisfied my craving and even exceeded my expectations. It was that good! But then again, not everyone enjoys that combination. So what might be excellent for me may not be for a lot. Still, with the multitude of flavors to choose from, Gelatissimo is worth the try.

Note: I got back here and found out there’s a branch in Greenbelt 5. Woot! I am so looking forward to get Francis and my girlfriends to try it.

Gelatissimo: The Real Taste of Italia

The Terraces, Ayala Center Cebu

Upper Ground Level, SM City Cebu

2nd Level Greenbelt 5, Makati




2 responses to “The Real Taste of Italia

  1. docgelo says:

    got to try gelatissimo next time we go to g5. 🙂
    btw, thanks, dash for the fb invite.

  2. dashashash says:

    no problem, doc. Ü yes, you and family should try the gelato some time. it’s really good. i suggest that you get the scoop/s by the cup, though. i really think you’ll get more than when you choose the cone.

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