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A Home Away From Home

on July 30, 2010

When planning a beach getaway, there are certain things to consider including a desired destination, a particular resort/inn, an itinerary of activities, food, and most importantly, the budget. As for the destination, a number of options come to mind but Boracay almost always tops the venue list for most Filipinos. For one, the island has become more accessible by daily, not to mention, affordable flights from leading airlines. Other reasons would be the booming nightlife, the sumptuous food different restaurants around the island have to offer, the various water sports to engage in, and of course, the perfect ambience for that well-deserved R&R.

This is where the Microtel Inn and Suites Boracay comes into the picture. Strategically situated in a prime spot on Diniwid Beach, a cove partially connected to the famous White Beach through a footpath by the northern tip of Boracay Boat Station 1, Microtel brings international-standard accommodations complete with beachfront access to both the budget-conscious and those who simply have a taste for finer things.

The resort hotel’s claim-to-fame are the chiropractic beds in every room. Yes, each of their queen-sized beds meets the standards of the US Chiropractic Association. Simply put, spending the night in the hotel provides luxurious comfort, the most restful sleep, and the sweetest dreams minus the neck discomfort and backaches in the morning.

Aside from the specially-designed beds, superior service, and the world-class amenities, Microtel’s location is an asset. The hotel is a beachfront property which is actually a treat, if you are for peace and quiet, having a piece of private [Diniwid] beach for yourself a few steps from ‘home’. On the other hand, action, partying, and a more bustling side of Boracay on the main [White] beach entails just a few minutes walk from the hotel. Fusion of both worlds in the palm of your hands? Not bad, eh? Not bad at all.

Lastly, Microtel is an international brand trusted and known for great-value-for-money. This particular chain in Boracay is no different from the other chains throughout the country and the other parts of the world — quality accommodations on offer at reasonable prices. With a package as top-notch as what they have in store for guests, Microtel Boracay gives the highest satisfaction in terms of experiencing Boracay to the fullest. Choosing the perfect resort to experience that relaxing retreat you are entitled to without breaking a bank won’t be much of a problem anymore.

Microtel Inn & Suites Boracay
Diniwid Beach, Boracay Island
Aklan 5608, Philippines

Tel (63.36) 288.4311
Fax (63.36) 288.4312
Mobile (63.917) 716.5004
Email:  boracay@microtelphilippines.com
Website:  http://www.microtel-boracay.com/



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