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I Want My Bubbles!!!

on August 1, 2010

Megamall is one of my least favorite malls. I have more than enough reasons to say so. And unless I feel the need to to go there or if I really have to, I prefer the malls nearest my place — either the Ayala malls in Makati or that one in Alabang. One of those semi-occasional moments arose sometime last month;  I actually wanted to rush to Megamall. I needed to check out the newly-opened flagship store of a certain US-based brand. [I wonder why among the other malls out there, they had to pick Megamall to put up their first store in.] I went with my best friend to see the store anyway. We were so ready for a shopping spree.

To make the story short, we ended up disappointed. The opening of the store brought up so much hype that we had our hopes raised so high… only to end up really liking only a few pieces which, sadly, weren’t available in our sizes anymore. We left the store with no yellow bags in our hands.

We drove to Megamall all the way from the south only for that. We definitely didn’t want to waste our trip so we were figuring out a way to compensate for the recent letdown. I wanted dessert/anything sweet so my friend offered something worth my while. She introduced me to Tokyo Milk Tea Place, more famously called Bubble Tea Restaurant. It is actually franchised from Japan and serves Tokyo’s premium milk tea and a selection of Japanese-Western dishes. The place, in fact, intrigued me during the seldom times I find myself in Megamall but I never really considered having anything from there. Until that day. My friend kept raving about their milk tea and was babbling about how she treats herself a large order of it every Sunday after church. I believed her but it was the way her eyes and hands were becoming intensely animated as she describes the milk tea that made me give in.

Milk tea has been a personal favorite since my high school days. I was always bought packets of royal milk tea mix back from Singapore by my aunts. And way back in college till now, I have always resorted to 7-11 for my cold milk tea fix. [Yes, that familiar blue bottle of Mineshine Finest Quality Milk Tea never fails to deliver.] Although my love for milk tea is quite profound, I’m still picky. I want mine to have that perfect play of subdued sweetness [of the entire concoction] and creamy goodness [of whole milk] with the bitter kick [of the tea]. That balance I was looking for was exactly what the milk teas at Bubble Tea offer. The syrup-soaked bubbles/tapioca pearls are cooked well enough — firm but chewy and I think that these [bubbles] are key to that awesome texture contrast my mouth absolutely enjoyed. Flavors are well-captured and bits of real fruits are incorporated in the drinks. Plus, getting a large drink for under a hundred bucks was definitely a sweet deal.

An awesome discovery such as this one gave me a new reason to go back to Megamall. [Thanks, Sue! Let’s try their food next time… with milk tea, of course.] Maybe Bubble Tea would make me change my mind about the ‘least favorite mall’ bit after all.

Bubble Tea Restaurant, Manila
Lower Ground Floor, Bldg A, SM Megamall Ortigas
Telephone: (02) 638-7479
Email: tokyobubbletea@gmail.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Bubble-Tea-Restaurant-Manila-Tokyo-Milk-Tea-Place/120012678026738?v=wall



One response to “I Want My Bubbles!!!

  1. I love bubble tea too.. WIsh I can try this resto out soon 🙂

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