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Yakult Makes The World Go ‘Round

on August 9, 2010

I love Yakult. Who doesn’t? I wish that Yakult came in 1-liter bottles, though. I have always dreamed of pouring myself a glassful to savor that wonderful blend of tartness and sweetness right before chugging it all down. Those tiny bottles were just so bitin. Don’t you think?

As soon as I’ve read about a new offering of Yakult-flavored ice cream from my favorite local ice cream shop’s [aka Sebastian’s] FB page a couple of months ago, I hustled to get the necessary information. I was desperate to know when [the date and the exact time] the new flavor would be ready for scooping and where [which branch] I can get it from in the least possible time & distance. Crazy? Nah, I just love Yakult that much.

So to immediately have a taste of the new flavor, I asked my BFF, who comes all the way from Taytay, Rizal, to go with me to Cold Comfort in Mall of Asia. We were so excited, we were half walking-half running towards the shop. Fro-Ya [frozen Yakult], as the new flavor was named, is made with pure Yakult with no additional cream or milk… meaning, it’s the same old favorite in scoopable, spoonable form. How awesome is that? I can almost taste it as we entered the shop and scout for seats. We were handed the menu but we both knew that we didn’t need it. We got ourselves an order of Fro-Ya, double-scoop, each.

The first spoonful is all it takes to make anyone get dizzy with delight and swoon over the ingenuity that is Fro-Ya. Think Yakult, only this time in ice cream form instead of the original liquid. It has the exact same taste, aftertaste, even the smell! The ultra-creamy consistency of Fro-Ya against its sweet-tangy goodness makes it a more superior choice over that other Yakult-flavored ice cream I’ve tried, which happen to have ice crystals formed in it. I cannot get over how perfectly Yakult was captured in this particular flavor. After consuming the two scoops, I was a happy camper.

But I wanted more. So two days after my first encounter with Fro-Ya, I found myself back at Cold Comfort, with Francis in tow. I ordered the same thing in the same amount/serving for each of us. I wasn’t surprised to see my boyfriend take his sweet precious time as he ate. Like me, he was savoring every spoonful, secretly hoping that every bite would reproduce exponentially. I noticed he cannot stop himself from raving about the Fro-Ya for the entire week.

So to all Yakult lovers out there everyone, I suggest you try it and you’ll know that I am not, in any way, exaggerating when I say Fro-Ya is the shiznit!!! Cause it is. Yakult na Yakult. At least now you won’t get as bitin as when you can only have a puny bottle per day. This is the closest thing to the 1-liter bottle I used to pray for, don’t you think?

Sebastian’s Cold Comfort
2/F SM Mall of Asia Entertainment Mall, opposite IMAX exit
Contact Number: 0915.489.5753

*also available in all Sebastian’s Ice Cream Studios
**P95/scoop or P160/double scoop



4 responses to “Yakult Makes The World Go ‘Round

  1. Mel says:

    I know someone who drank 6 in one sitting. She got massive diarrhea. LOL. But she says it was so worth it.

    I hope they release Yakult cosmetics here. http://www.yakult.co.jp/cosme/ I soo wanna try their products. 🙂

  2. I love this one! I’m turning 30 and I still have Yakult bottles to drink inside our refrigerator 🙂

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