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Bidding Black Spots Buh-Bye

on August 17, 2010

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Saw the exact same ad in the newspaper more than a couple of weeks ago and I must admit that it grabbed my attention. The sleek black packaging was to blame. I couldn’t help but feel giddy about it. I was certain to grab one ASAP.

It might seem a bit odd [but maangas] to be using black material like activated carbon to keep the skin on the face clean, glowing, and oil-free, but charcoal has actually been used for years to absorb impurities. So with that knowledge [plus the fact that it promises brightening+deep cleansing at a reasonable price], I was sold. I bought a 100-ml tube last Monday [August 9].

I wasn’t able to use it until Wednesday last week, though. I waited until I consumed the last trickle in my bottle of Human ♥ Nature Facial Wash in Calendula & Seaweed. [I have decided to go all-natural and stuck with the brand after discovering that it really works wonders on my face.] Anyway, I was pretty excited to try out my new facial foam. And yes, because it’s black [well, grey].

First impressions:

* It’s creamy. It’s so easy to work up a lather.
* It smells awesome. It kind of reminds me of Kenneth Cole Black, which my dad actually uses. I love its clean, refreshing smell.
* Unlike the Human ♥ Nature and/or Purity Made Simple by Philosophy facial washes which keep the skin moisturized, my Ponds Pure White™ [as with other Ponds facial washes I’ve tried] leaves my face dry. [This is the main reason why I am not really a fan of Ponds.] Not a big deal since I always apply moisturizer after washing.
* I cannot get over its grey color… a fresh change from my usual colorless ones.

Let’s see what this facial cleanser with activated carbon can do. I’m hoping to see a more radiant, less oily, and less blackhead-blotched face in the coming days. I’m keeping my fingers crossed.



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