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Scramble, My Mmmmm of the Moment

on August 21, 2010

Believe it or not, I have never sampled scramble when I was a kid. Yes, I know how it looks like and I have seen how they are being peddled in the streets, in front of public schools and hospitals… the vendor shaves ice held in place by rusted nails, adds red [or is it pink?] food color, milk and sugar on the shavings then pours chocolate syrup and some more powdered milk on the mixture. I have always wondered how it tasted like and have always wanted to buy some. And always, I end up chickening-out on the last minute, scared of Hepatitis-A or whatever disease I may catch. I know… I used to be squeamish [and paranoid] like that.

Fast forward to some 15 years. Early this month, as I was strolling around the mall with my folks, I came across this stall that sells scramble. My dad saw it too and got really excited. Before I knew it, he had already bought himself a 12oz. cup. He looked genuinely happy with his scramble that I almost saw a reminiscing-his-childhood thought bubble above his head. He seemed too preoccupied with those thoughts that he actually forgot to ask us if we wanted some.

To make the story short, my mom ended up asking him to get us some too. Naingget?! Haha. For P17 per 12oz. cup, it was such a deal. [Although my dad insisted that, compared to what he used to have during his younger days, this scramble was quite pricey.] Cheap or not, I was happy to have finally gotten the chance to try it. I got mine with no extra toppings [Yes, you have the option to add mini marshmallows, rice crispies, choco and/or candy sprinkles for a minimal fee.] and just with what it ordinarily comes with — powdered milk and chocolate syrup. I took the first spoonful and it was wonderful. How could shaved ice with food coloring be so pleasurable?

I felt gratified but somewhat irked with the fact that I haven’t had the guts to enjoy it until only now. I was quite proud of the “discovery” I just made and was still overjoyed with it that I’ve decided to get another cup of scramble the following day. The nearest mall to my place is SM Bicutan and from what I learned from a friend via Facebook, there is this scramble stall there that offers a cheaper 12oz. cup. They were selling it P2 cheaper than Scramble Mania [the one I first tried]. The only difference is the strawberry and/or ube syrup they use instead of the conventional chocolate. True enough, I found myself, along with Francis, the following afternoon in the lower ground floor of SM Bicutan building B for another cup of satisfying scramble.

Icebreaker offers the same extra toppings as Scramble Mania. This time, I got mine with mini marshmallows and strawberry syrup only [since I do not eat ube-flavored anything]. Francis got his with marshmallows, extra milk powder, and both strawberry and ube syrup. That second scramble experience was equally awesome as my first. Francis found it funny that I was too blown away by the scramble. He can’t blame me… I’ve missed half of my life for not trying it out much earlier. I ignored his teasing and chuckling and spooned until the last drop.



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