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Nokia: My Life Promo

on September 1, 2010

A family of bloggers, who are celebrating their 5th anniversary, are more than generous to be giving away 5 [different] units of Nokia handsets as their way of showing their gratitude to loyal readers and followers.

Click image to enlarge

Manila Blogs Family, as they are collectively known, are actually 5 unique blogs that cater to various interests: Manila Reviews [for the Pinoy foodie and food entrepreneur], Manila Mommy [for the loving “mommy”], Manila Fitness [for the active and health conscious “gym/yoga rat”], Manila Shopaholic [for the “kikay” and trendy shopaholic], and Manila Blogs [for both the noob and aspiring blogger].

The Nokia: My Life Promo is a contest held by the The Manila Blogs Family, in cooperation with Nokia Philippines, which started on the 3rd week of August and will run for a month. The promo requires readers and followers to complete a set of mechanics every week for the duration of the contest in order to accumulate raffle entries/points for the Nokia phones giveaway. The following are the prizes at stake:

Nokia 5230 for Manila Reviews

Nokia 7230 for Manila Mommy

Nokia 3270 for Manila Fitness

Nokia C5 for Manila Shopaholic

Nokia C3 for Manila Blogs

Since each Manila Blogs Family site [ManilaReviews.com, ManilaMommy.com, ManilaFitness.com, ManilaShopaholic.com and ManilaBlogs.com] will give out one free Nokia phone each, a contestant may join and follow the procedure for each site.

The Nokia: My Life Promo is now on its 3rd week so if you feel like scoring a new Nokia phone, hurry and join now before the promo period ends. You may check out the mechanics for Week 3 here:

Week 3 – Manila Reviews
Week 3 – Manila Mommy
Week 3 – Manila Fitness
Week 3 – Manila Shopaholic
Week 3 – Manila Blogs

Happy 5th anniversary to the Manila Blogs Family and more power!!! Thank you for this awesome giveaway!



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