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Gotta Love Le Ching

on September 4, 2010

Le Ching Tea House is one of the oldest and most patronized restaurant at the Shoppesville Arcade in Greenhills. Any trip to the Greenhills Shopping Complex, at least for me, would not be complete without stopping by this restaurant for a quick meal. Not only do they offer cheap and satisfying Chinese food but also they provide super fast service.

Le Ching, like most places serving really good Chinese, appears run-down and unkempt. But people do not come here for anything else but the food so the ambiance [if you can call it that] doesn’t really bother the regular clients. The small, cramped area of familiar plastic chairs and crummy tables redolent of dimsum and rice toppings is crowded whatever time of the day.

Francis and I have staple snack orders and here they are:

The Stewed Beef Brisket Noodles costs P115 and comes with a separate bowl of beef broth. We get an order of this each. The noodles are tasty and the beef chucks are tender. Francis and I like to eat the beef and noodles with a little strewing of the broth on them. What happens to the remaining broth? We “drink” it.

Siomai [P70], one order each for Francis and I, is a given in any Le Ching meal. Aside from the lean, juicy pork filling in their siomai that is so tasty, Le Ching is known for serving the best chili-garlic oil in town. This chili-garlic blend with some spritz of calamansi is the perfect dipping sauce for the siomai and/or any of the dimsum available.

When in Le Ching, we order nothing but the big bottle of Soya Milk [P80] for our drink. A small bottle is also available for around P40.

How about you? What are your Le Ching favorites?

Le Ching Tea House
Level A Shoppesville Arcade, Greenhills, San Juan
Phone Number: 721-3179 / 365-4532



2 responses to “Gotta Love Le Ching

  1. kate says:

    This is making me hungry!!!

  2. looks yummy!! i wanna try coz i love noodle soup too! 😀

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