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Pleasantly Persian

on September 5, 2010

I got the whole idea from Steph, Katie, and B’ley. [Thanks, ladies!] They’ve been uploading photos of beef wraps and shawarma they got from a neighborhood kebab place I didn’t even know exists. Their photos made me hungry and their comments on the food were enough to make me visit the place five minutes later. Polo Chelo was the name of the up-to-snuff ‘kebab place’ located inside our good ol’ village.

A little trivia —> In Iran rice is served in two basic ways, either as polo or chelo. Chelo is the name applied to steamed white rice cooked separately and over which different types of sauces or meats are served. Polo, often called pilafin or pilaf, is the name applied to rice with which other ingredients are mixed in the cooking process.

Anyway, Polo Chelo is located just a few meters away from our parish church. I pass by it almost everyday, since it’s strategically situated along Moonwalk’s main street, and never really noticed. I still cannot believe that it has been there for more than a year. The place is rather small and has very limited seating capacity. It maintains an open-air dining area [has no air conditioning, of course] which is why you’ll get quite sweaty while waiting for your food especially when the place is packed. They offer a good selection of Persian favorites like kebabs, hummus, shawarma, and chelo meals.

Click to enlarge

But what I came there for was their claim-to-fame… the Persian Burger [P98]. The lady who attended to me told me that it is, indeed, their bestseller. I’ve also learned that their burger patties are made with a ‘secret recipe’ by Polo Chelo’s owner. I do not know exactly what the owner does to cook up that mystery recipe. All I know is that it was a thick slab of juicy ground beef with hints of common Mediterranean spices [cinnamon, curry, and cloves, perhaps?], and a faint taste of ginger, yogurt, and butter. The patty came with slices of cucumber, grilled tomato, and onion on a plain hamburger bun. I was given a bottle of garlic sauce and another of hot sauce to smear on my patty. I loved it! I personally think that the burger was biten [I wanted it to be much bigger] and doesn’t look appetizing at all but it was all about the taste! The burger was absolutely flavorful and the patty wasn’t dry.

I also had some ox brain [P45] with my Persian Burger. The serving was a tad scanty but hell, it was delicious! I didn’t quite expect a small kebab place like Polo Chelo to offer ox brain this yummy. It was deep fried in curry oil. It made such a mark on the ‘taste memory’ that Francis had been dreaming about it for days.

I was happy with that first Polo Chelo experience and I’m sure that I’ll be back. I’m planning to try out their beef kebab wrap and motabal next or maybe the Special Chelo Meal. Aside from low-priced Persian fare that is sure to please the palate, Polo Chelo has this particular burger-eating contest sensibly called Glutton Challenge. With this burger challenge, one is required to consume a double patty Persian Burger the traditional way in 3 minutes or use an unconventional burger-eating strategy and finish in 2 minutes. Those who succeed get to have their photo put up on the Polo Chelo Wall of Fame. Dandy, huh?

Polo Chelo
Armstrong Avenue, Moonwalk Village Phase 1 (near Monterey)
Telephone: 823-9882
*Open from 11am until 12 midnight
**Call for pick-up



3 responses to “Pleasantly Persian

  1. mike says:

    i dig this place 😀 i eat dinner here almost every sunday night after church 🙂

  2. jeff says:

    their food is sometimes great and sometimes not.. depends on the person cooking it… me and my family went at their bicutan branch last night and ordered beef kebab and all beef shawarma for take out.. too bad their beef were over cooked again and rice was not buttered.. they should teach their employees the right way of cooking their food..

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