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Matcha Madness

on October 9, 2010

Recently, I have discovered this lethally delicious Japanese green tea [matcha] powder by Mocafé. Yes, I know that the brand isn’t locally available but I am ecstatic to have found a supplier. Now I can make my own matcha shake/frap at home. Woot! For my co-matcha junkies out there, this is our chance to enjoy calorie-packed glasses of delightful-as-coffee-shop-bought-ice-blended-tea-drink in the comfort of our own kitchen. What could be cooler than that?! [Pun intended.]

In your trusty blender, combine ¼ cup [adjust to taste] of the matcha powder, a cup of ice cubes, ¼ cup of whole milk and some sugar [just estimate and adjust to taste]. Blend and voila! Japanese green tea ice blended drink in seconds.

Isn’t this a lovely sight?

Note: I tried adding a tablespoon of red beans [I learned from Red Mango, the fro-yo joint, that green tea and red beans turn deadly when taken together] and some ReddiWip® to my matcha drink and it became doubly divine.

Obviously, this is the unadulterated version — no red beans and cream yet.

A bag costs P1,100 and each bag makes 40 servings. [I shouldn’t have carelessly ripped the bag open so I could have taken a picture of the packaging. Oh well.] I have only tried the green tea variant but the other flavors of Mocafé [Original Mocafe, Wild Tribe Moka, Cafe Latte, Tahitian Vanilla, Decaf Original Mocafe] are also available. To order, you may call 0905-2748978 or 8623041. It tastes so good, I can’t stop raving about it.

I’m arduously attempting to save most of the matcha powder because I’m dying to try making some homemade green tea ice cream with this really simple recipe I found [Take note: No churner/ice cream machine needed]. Yay! Will blog about that one as soon as I’ve whipped that out.



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