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I Wish For Fish

on October 20, 2010

And not just any other kind. I want the ones from Korea, known as bungeoppang. Those that have sweet red beans and creamy vanilla ice cream in it. You got that right. I don’t want real fish. I’m referring to the Samanco Red Bean Ice Cream Sandwich manufactured by Binggrae… my ever-reliable feel-happy snack, of late.

What you see [on the wrapper] is exactly what you get. As I admire the details of my ‘fish’, I start to think that frozen novelty makers have much to learn from the Koreans. But then again, that’s just me. 😐 My ‘fish’ is actually a fish-shaped ice cream sandwich, not a fish-flavored ice cream bar as most people think. Smiley The fish detail is actually made from chewy waffle cone, which basically envelops the filling — red bean paste that is made from sweetened azuki beans plus rich vanilla ice cream. It is so addictive, I swear, I could eat a ton of it all day, everyday!

I used to frequent BF Homes to hoard ‘fish’. I get them at this 24-hour Japanese-Korean grocery along Aguirre Avenue for P50 a pop.

All the while I thought that getting these Korean goodies at that price was such a steal. You can just imagine how irked I got when I recently learned that I could purchase these treats from SM Bicutan, which was way nearer to where I live, at a more affordable price of P38. Talk about being kept in ignorance.

With that annoying newfound information, I now find myself only a few steps away from fishy bliss.



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