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Keishoku No Jikan

on October 22, 2010

The past few days have seen me trying to piece back together the memories of Thursday last week, while slumped into my chair desperately attempting to relieve my regularly growling stomach. The title of this post literally means ‘snack time’. And speaking of snack, let me share with you my merienda staples c/o Choto Stop. Yes, that awesome grocery store in Little Tokyo with the clandestine dining area, which serves excellent ramen and soba.

Last Thursday [this explains the first line in the first paragraph], out of a sudden urge to gratify the desires of the tummy, I went to Pasong Tamo for a light meal. The gloomy weather called for something warm and hearty. There was nothing else on my mind but the Miso Ramen from Choto Stop. Served piping hot, with a generous amount of chukamen made even more savory with leeks and spring onions, the Miso ramen was heaven in the mouth. The mix of tasty ground pork, crunchy bean sprouts, and sweet whole corn kernels gave, as it always does, a mind-blowing assortment of texture and flavors that is impossible to ignore. A bowl can be shared by 2-3, depending on the consumers’ appetite, and comes at P150 only. A super steal, if you ask me.

Their Sauce Yakisoba is another superior choice. It is basically a dish of fried wheat-flour noodles flavored with sauce — a sweetened, thickened variant of Worcestershire sauce. It is prepared by stir-frying ramen-style noodles with bite-sized pork, vegetables [usually cabbage, onions or carrots] and flavoured with yakisoba sauce, salt, and pepper. Sauce yakisoba can be served with a multitude of garnishes, such as aonori [seaweed powder], beni shoga [shredded pickled ginger], katsuobushi [fish flakes], and Japanese mayonnaise. But in this case, shredded pickled ginger [the tiny, red strips on top of the noodles], which happens to be the most common garnish, was used. Again, an order of this is good for sharing and comes at P150/serving. Talk about getting more value for money.

The best part of any meal, be it light or otherwise, would definitely have to be dessert. And what better sweet treat would complement my Japanese snack if not Japanese ice cream? So as a routine [and a penchant], I got a small tub of Meiji matcha ice cream to cap off my filling merienda. By now, you already know how much of a sucker I am for Japanese-green-tea-flavored-anything. I could go on and on raving about how wickedly good this stuff is but I’d rather save it for my personal contemplative musings. 🙄

The place also offers a good selection of bento meals, gyoza, other ramen dishes, rice meals, as well as takoyaki and anmitsu from the neighboring restaurant, Hana, to appease one’s appetite. [Note: Choto Stop has Hana menus on hand making it possible to get whatever item you want from Hana. The Choto staff will be the ones serving them on your table.] Choto Stop may be a homey grocery store that doubles as a restaurant. But regardless of the way one sees this co-op store as, I find it simply as a great place to make notable dining experiences with the luxury of shopping for affordable but authentic Japanese food items, on the side. If you still haven’t, you may read more about Choto Stop here, better yet, pay it a visit at the address below.

Choto Stop
2277 Chino Roces Ave. [formely Pasong Tamo], Makati City
Orders available for pick-up
Telephone: 759-5560



4 responses to “Keishoku No Jikan

  1. Mara says:


    • dashashash says:

      I know. It’s a conspiracy! They’re all making me grow fat! 😡 Wait, I suddenly remembered… where is Umma located exactly? I finally got to try a couple of spicy tuna kimbap, which was given to me by a friend of my mom’s. I was too shy to ask where she bought them. I always forget to ask you [until now].

  2. Smarla says:

    GREEN TEA ICE CREAM 😀 yaaaaaaaaaay! thanks for posting this 🙂 i’ll share this to a friend blogger who’s also addicted to green tea.

    btw, i noticed you also follow The Winged Palate. Is she a friend of yours or just an online friend? 🙂 I met her in a writing workshop 🙂

    • dashashash says:

      i don’t know her personally… just an online buddy. 🙂 wow, you attend writing workshops pa talaga?

      regarding the green tea ice cream, go ahead! that one’s too good to miss out on. share lang nang share! 😉

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