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Balms Away!!!

on October 23, 2010

I have recently stumbled upon this online store which sells all-organic balms that cater to almost every need. They have lip balms, herbal rubs, aromatherapy balms, and multi-purpose salves on offer.

Their lip balms, I’ve read, are made with cold-pressed virgin coconut oil and beeswax to soothe dry and chapped lips. They have six different variants/flavors available.

The herbal rubs are especially formulated to act as ‘save-the-day’ handy solutions to daily problems like feeling sluggish or having the worst headache because of a flu, being ravaged by insects and mosquitoes, or simply combating coughs & colds. I see that they have seven variants of these.

The aromatherapy balms, on the other hand, can either be simply inhaled or rubbed on the skin to receive its therapeutic benefits. Essential oils have been incorporated in these balms and will gently be absorbed into the bloodstream to aid various health, beauty and wellness conditions.

The multi-purpose salve, as its name implies, is an all-in-one quick relief balm that can be safely applied to the lips and the rest of the body. They claim that it’s just like having your own health Swiss Knife in balm form.

These organic products make me giddy with wanting. Smiley All sound really interesting, don’t you think? The packaging is equally appealing. The balms come in a 30-gram glass jar with aluminum lids, which I think is simple and dainty. But of course. it would be impractical to get all of those. So here’s where your insights come into the picture. I have really bad decision-making skills Smiley so I need help. Come give it to me by answering this poll. I am thanking you in advance.

PS. As soon as I’ve made up my mind [with your help, of course], I promise to share with you this awesome discovery [both store and products] and blog Smiley about it.



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