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Sweet Serenitea

on November 7, 2010

I love tea. That explains my fondness for tea latte, milk tea, fruit-flavored tea, and even fresh brews. Tea relaxes me and gives me that cooling, slightly bitter, astringent flavor I enjoy. And since tea contains antioxidants and certain amino acids, it is comforting to know that tea has health benefits to boot, and not simply an addictive cheer-me-up drink.

I have been reading and hearing nothing but raves about this new tea place cleverly named Serenitea. Though tea is definitely not new in Asia and in our country, Serenitea is the first of its kind in the Philippines to use customized espresso machine for tea. The store aims to provide clients with the highest quality of freshly-prepared tea in every cup [well, in this case, glass]. What sets them apart from the other tea shops out there is the fact that Serenitea has developed recipes and flavors specifically blended to fit everybody’s taste buds. Their menu is rather extensive that you can practically customize your order according to your preference. You can request for a cold tea but with no [or just less] ice. You can even regulate the sugar level you want incorporated in your tea drink. Yes, you can go from 100% to sugar-free! See what I mean? Totally personalize-able!

Click photos of the menu to enlarge

Francis and I found ourselves right in front of their newest branch in Robinsons Place in Manila after a mall-stroll one weekend. The place was packed and several groups of people were waiting for seats. This particular store only has 4 tables [with chairs] set up. The queue was long but we were determined to try their talked-about tea. As Francis patiently waited for his turn at the counter, I enduringly stood up to watch for available seats. Soon enough, we were able to find a table. I swear, it was worth all that waiting. Smiley Let me show you what we got:

Francis, posing with our MTs. [Ecstatic about our picks, but not showing it. :-P]

Francis opted for a large Hokkaido Milk Tea — full-bodied Assam tea with a pleasantly strong butter-toffee flavor. He specified that his drink contain just 50% sugar and asked for pearls and egg pudding as sinkers. [That’s what Serenitea calls their milk tea sahog.] Cute, eh? I took a sip of his Hokkaido and it reminded me of Brach’s Milk Maid caramel cubes. Francis agreed. He was delighted with his milk tea but decided to get 75% sugar level on his next order.

Note that they still haven’t produced stickers for the Robinsons branch. See the San Juan sticker used right there?

I wanted a medium-sized Okinawa Milk Tea. I heard it was their bestseller. I went all out with the sugar lever and chose just pearls for sinkers. (Tip: For added texture, you may pick among these sinkers: pearls [tapioca balls], black bricks [coffee jelly], crystals [nata de coco], red beans, lime jelly, and egg pudding [custard]). Okinawa was brisk and malty. It had the right amount of sweetness against its bitterness, which goes perfectly with the smoothness of the milk in it. This, unquestionably, is not your ordinary cup of tea.

Had we not eaten right before visiting Serenitea, we would have sampled their snacks too. I saw a lot of people getting the chicken chops and the pepper sweet corn. Hell, we’re definitely getting that on our next visit!

What a terrific tea time that was! T’was absolutely love at first sip.

Serenity Cha Kitchen
♚ Little Baguio, San Juan
♚ Aguirre Ave. BF Homes Paranaque
♚ N Roxas St. Banawe, Quezon City
♚ Cinema Area, Alabang Town Center
♚ Adriatico Wing, Robinsons Place Manila



7 responses to “Sweet Serenitea

  1. Smarla says:

    I recently went to serenitea too and made a blog post about it! 🙂 I ordered the same thing as Francis, Hokkaido 50% sweetness level and egg pudding sinker.

    we also tried their chicken chops! 🙂 yum! try it next time 🙂

  2. I’d love to try this!! If only their branch is near my place.

  3. Iya Santos says:

    i hope they open a branch here in makati! 🙂

  4. Kaye Sordan says:

    Hello! I have read your post on Serenitea. 🙂 I am actually a graduating student from UST and I am conducting a thesis on effective marketing an advertising strategy. I have chosen Serenitea as my brand and I am looking for tea enthusiasts and Serenitea patrons who can answer a few of my questions for product development and consumer insight. If it would be okay with you, I would like to include you in my list of interviewees 🙂

    Thank you so much and best regards!


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