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Tally for Week 1 — Clinique Giveaway

on November 9, 2010

Here are the participants’ corresponding raffle entries for the first week of the Clinique Set Promo. Comments are now closed for Week 1.

Click on the photos to enlarge

For questions, clarifications, and/or [violent] reactions, please leave a comment.

Week 2 of this promo officially starts tomorrow and to add a bit of excitement, I have revised the rules. [I will change the contest mechanics for Week 3, as well.] So for this week, here are the things you need to do. Ready?

1. Post an update about this giveaway in your Twitter, Plurk, Facebook, and/or other social networking account/s. Be sure to adjust the privacy settings of your update such that it would be viewable by everyone [and by me, of course]. I will really be checking.
Note: You may use the Twitter button and/or the Add To Any button for easy sharing and update-posting.
2. THE REVISION: From November 10-16, you can only leave a comment on this page ONCE, providing me with the link/s of your update/s so I could verify your entries.
3. THE TWIST: You may pick any day of the week for posting that single comment [containing the links of your updates] but the participant/s who will be posting on the day I was born [yes, you have to guess not my birth date but the day of the week when I was born] will get to have the number of their entries tripled.

Got it? GAME! Again, good luck to everyone! 🙂

IMPORTANT : As I’ve mentioned last week, I will be updating everyone with a tally of raffle entries every Tuesday until the 23rd. [Watch out for the next tallies on November 16, 23.] Kindly refer to that list for your corresponding points per week. That weekly tally will save all of us the hassle of commenting on and checking this blogpost every now and then.



6 responses to “Tally for Week 1 — Clinique Giveaway

  1. […] To see the tally for Week 1 and the new set of rules for Week 2, click here. […]

  2. dashashash says:


    – Week 2 is not about daily updates [unlike Week 1].
    – There only has to be just ONE comment per person from Novemebr 10-16. You need to gather all your links in 1 day while hoping to get lucky.
    If you’re unlucky [meaning, you don’t t get to leave a comment here on the ‘correct’ day], you’ll get to garner points equivalent to the number of WORKING LINKS you have posted here. [kung tutuusin, there’s nothing really UNlucky in that since your entries would be still counted, yeah?]
    – the only time you’ll get your raffle entries tripled is when you post on the ‘correct day’.
    – I suggest you read the new mechanics: https://dashashash.wordpress.com/2010/11/09/tally-for-week-1-clinique-giveaway/ again to make sure everything is clear.
    – watch out for the tally for Week 2 [and the announcement of the ‘correct’ day] on November 16.

    if you’ve posted on Wednesday, that’s it. there’s no need to leave a comment again on the following days [cause that won’t count anymore].

  3. Bagel says:

    here is my entry for second week.

    BTW, Happy Birthday!!!!

  4. dashashash says:

    To see the tally for Week 2 and the new set of rules for Week 3, please click https://dashashash.wordpress.com/2010/11/17/tally-for-week-2-clinique-giveaway/

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