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Rediscovering An Old Love

on November 10, 2010

I became quite jumpy when my mom blurted out that she wanted to have lunch at Dayrit’s. Plan A was to eat at home. It was, after all, a Sunday midday — the perfect time of the week to enjoy hearty, home-cooked dishes with the family. My folks and I were on our way home from Medical Center Manila, after visiting a relative who was stricken with dengue. It was an easy, quiet Sunday ride until my mom’s craving-announcement. I felt my dad’s silent excitement as he drove. I bet they, too, sensed my livening enthusiasm. Being an 80’s kid, I was suddenly preoccupied with nostalgic thoughts of the huge burgers, roast beef, and Chorizo Macau I used to wolf down in Dayrit’s, one of Manila’s original burger places.

one of the frames adorning the walls of Dayrit’s

The old Dayrit’s was located along Buendia, near Bautista Street. As a child, I used to frequent that branch as it was very near my mom’s workplace. Dayrit’s has been [and still is] famous for their roast beef — thin, tender, tasty slices of pure meaty goodness — served with a side of vegetables, baked potato, and a choice of rice or roll. Dayrit’s juicy burgers [the size of your head] used to be a hit among regular clients because of the premium quality beef used in the patty and the special sauce slathered on the buns. The old Buendia branch also offered an array of sausages and other deli items that hanged on hooks by the store counter. Too bad, that branch is history.

The good thing is they’ve relocated to Magallanes Smiley and that was where we had our quick Sunday lunch. We were surprised to see Ed, the main server in the Buendia branch, still with Dayrit’s after all these years. [Classic lahat, pati servers! ;-)] Just like old times, we ordered our favorites:

famous frozen iced tea [Php50], pineapple juice [Php45]

roast beef plate [Php300], served with baked potato topped with cheese and bacon bits, veggies, and rice

hamburger steak [Php215], served with mashed potatoes and veggies

Macau meal [Php140]

Hawaiian rice with roast beef [Php185]

It was a very satisfying meal, not just because of the delicious food, but also because of the short walk down memory lane this restaurant has provided us with. The love affair with all-time favorites and classic comfort food such as the ones we had need to be rekindled after quite a while. Trust me, the whole rediscovering gives out this inexplicable wonderful feeling of fullness and gratification. We left the place happy and content. And on our way out, we purchased a kilo of packed Chorizo Macau [Php340] from their take-out counter… perfect for the hearty breakfast we’re anticipating the next day.

Dayrit’s Burger & Roast Beef House
Unit 4 Maga Center Bldg.
Paseo de Magallanes, Makati City
Telephone: 854-9943



7 responses to “Rediscovering An Old Love

  1. Myra Suarez says:

    Hi Dash! Wow! You’re a writer!! It’s so refreshing to know that someone I actually know is blogging. It’s my first time to see your site. Great job! Keep it up 🙂

  2. Smarla says:

    Please do post more food entries! 🙂 i haven’t been to those restaurants so I get excited when I read your entries.

    Ang sarap tingnan ng Macau meal! I’m still not over drooling over your xiao long bao pics

    Benta yung smiley na sumasayaw ah, I do that dance too 😛

    • dashashash says:

      hi, Smarla! 🙂

      it’s really flattering to know that someone actually gets excited over my blog posts. seryoso! 😀 thanks for always reading.

      swear, their Chorizo Macau is super sarap! try it some time. there are 2 branches of Dayrit’s left, btw… this [in Magallanes] and the other one’s at The Fort Terminal [near the Shell station]. i agree with the xiao long bao… they still haunt 😈 me since i had them last Saturday.

      cute nung smiley no? parehas tayo, i do that dance a lot. hehe. 😛

  3. Smarla says:

    Yaaaay there are still 2 branches 🙂 will definitely visit one of them

    haha that’s my victory dance 😀

  4. Smarla says:

    Dash, left you an award in my blog 😀

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