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Neighborhood Nook

on November 21, 2010

Around this time three years ago, I was chatting with Francis on Yahoo! Messanger after 16 long years of not seeing/hearing from him. We used to be classmates in second grade and that was the last time we had a connection [though we were batch mates in the same school all along]. Weird, I know, but I neither saw nor bumped into him from Grade 3 till my senior year in high school. Smiley

Fast forward to November of 2007, I found him [long story] and we started going out thereafter. Smiley [Yikee!] Since we live in adjacent villages, our first few dinner dates Smiley were confined to unexplored and little-known neighborhood restaurants. That was when we first tried this diner, which we stepped into on impulse.

Situated right beside an auto service and repair shop, Sieg’s had us wondering what cuisine they offer. We assumed Mexican since their logo looked like a cut-out from a poster in a taqueria [or so we thought]. Parking is limited but we got lucky that night as a sole slot was available. It seemed as though it was expecting our arrival. Sieg’s has its own parking attendant who was extra friendly… he opened the car doors for both Francis and I. The guard at the restaurant’s entrance had a ready smile as he greeted us when we walked in.

Click to enlarge

What appeared to be a cramped diner from the outside was actually an expansive, cozy foodie hideaway. The staff were polite to the point of obsequiousness. The soft, warm lighting added to the pleasant, relaxing ambiance. In line with the restaurant’s slogan, FUN.DINE.RELAX, Seig’s aims to provide its clients fun, food, and a perfect hangout all in one go. One proof would be the KTV room you can reserved for private parties. There’s also an entertainment room where you can just watch TV, movies, and/or play your favorite video game. The main dining area is divided in two: a smoking section and a non-smoking one. The non-smoking area’s setting is much more formal than that of the smoking area. Paintings of medieval Europe and old Parisians adorn the walls. Dark wooden tables are enhanced by fabric place mats with world map prints and vintage stuff. The faint sound of an Astrud Gilberto song played in the background. People started crowding in when we got there. An attendant led us to our table and we made ourselves comfortable.

As we took in the lovely atmosphere, a waiter appeared and handed us the menu. For our first dinner together in Sieg’s, we got some soda and the following:

Baked Mussels [P160] — tahong baked with cheddar cheese, panko, cream cheese and garlic

Basket of Chicken [P390] — chopped deep-fried whole chicken with Sieg’s special gravy-cream sauce; served with potato wedges

Big Burger [P130] — all-beef burger with melted cheddar, bacon, and mushrooms; served with potato wedges

We were impressed with the taste and quality of the food. The mussels were fresh and extremely cheesy! The mere sight of that dish was mouthwatering. The chicken looked dry but it turned out to be juicy, well-seasoned, and fried to a crisp. It had an herb-y taste that went well with its garlicky aftertaste. We enjoyed it but we weren’t able to finish it. Buong manok ba naman eh! Haha! Our overall verdict on the burger was, well, average save for the fact that the lean beef patty was so flavorful. Sieg’s made such a mark on us that we promised ourselves a return visit.

Our succeeding Sieg’s-stops led us to recognize the much more homey, casual feel of the smoking Smiley lounge [not because I smoke but because of the more “chill-out” vibe to it]. Think plush couches, throw pillows, coffee tables, giant cushions on the floor, drapes, a wicker daybed, a bar on one corner, calming glow of light, and a giant plasma TV all in an indoor pocket garden. Awesome, right? I don’t think anyone would think twice of hanging out on a place set up like that. Now on with the food. Instead of posting all the stuff we’ve been eating at Sieg’s, I just picked some that are worth mentioning.

Fried Cheese [120] — four kinds of cheese blended with egg & cream, lightly breaded, and fried; served with salsa

Since we first sampled the fried cheese, it has been a Sieg’s staple. Being cheese lovers, we found it an automatic hit. The freshly made salsa gave oomph to the balls of cheese. There’s this wonderful balance of sweetness, tartness, and saltiness each time I shove a cheese ball with salsa in my mouth. Smiley

Spaghetti Adobo [P160] — an unusually delectable pasta dish of crisp adobo flakes, roasted garlic, adobo cream sauce and quail eggs; served with toast

This dish, I have to say, is a work of genius! Who would’ve thought that adobo could be impeccably made into a pasta sauce? I didn’t exactly think it would work but it did… and excellently! The butter-garlic “toast” the pasta came with should have been more toasted, though. The quail eggs plus the flakes of savory pork made the whole adobo concept stand out. I highly recommend this. Sieg’s spaghetti adobo blew me away. Smiley

savory potato wedges

These bite-sized spuds are seasoned enough to remind you of barbecue-flavored Pringles. I’m not sure if you would be happy with these but Francis and I liked it!

Salmon Barbecue [P270] — skewered bacon-wrapped salmon fillet and stir-fried veggies on roasted-garlic mash; served with a drizzle of their special bbq sauce

All of my favorite things — bacon, salmon, potato, carrot-cabbage-combo, barbecue sauce — are found on this dish. How can I not love this? The meat [bacon and salmon] were tender. There was this smokey flavor then, all of a sudden, a pleasingly strong garlic taste, which was immediately replaced by a piquant kick that didn’t disappoint in teasing the taste buds. I say this one’s a must-try! Smiley

Kiwi-strawberry Shake [P95] and Tri-berry Shake [P95]

Aside from the wide selection of wines, beers, and cocktails, Sieg’s serves splendid shakes. These fruit shakes are made fresh and available right upon ordering. But paying almost a hundred bucks for one glass was quite disappointing.

A trip down south would be worthwhile if Sieg’s would be made a pit stop. Not only would you feel at home with its laid-back surroundings but you also get to completely unwind while digging in on the restaurant’s specialties and signature showpieces. Go ahead, there’s no harm in trying.

94 Dona Soledad Avenue, Better Living Subd., Paranaque City
Telephone: 821-4154



6 responses to “Neighborhood Nook

  1. Smarla says:

    Yuuuum spaghetti adobo and salmon bbq? 😀 YUUUM!

    I wish there was a train to paranaque. I’m missing out on a lot of restos in that area :O

  2. mommy nic says:

    yum. 🙂

  3. lu says:

    spag adobo? never heard of it before and I’m becoming more curious the more I reread your post about it. hmmm 8->

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