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What ALMOST Fell Through The Cracks

on November 22, 2010

Warning: Picture-heavy post ahead.

I just had to emphasize on “almost”. I believe I did not allow it to be completely overlooked. Until just recently, I have been failing to notice what could’ve been a preferred hangout years back up until now. Bastille [French pronunciation: \ba-ˈstē(ə)\ (bas-TEE-yuh)] Café along Doña Soledad Avenue, Better Living’s main road, is a gem of a discovery. Having practically exhausted every restaurant in SM Bicutan, which happens to be the nearest mall from where we live, Francis and I have always been on the lookout for dining hotspots, holes-in-the-wall, food stalls, dessert places, and coffee shops around Parañaque, specifically within our neighboring villages. We finally got to step inside this café only two Fridays ago despite the fact that it has been there all along.

Coming from Bicutan, Bastille Café should be on your right, a couple of establishments past Metrobank. For years, we have been driving past it, not by any means even giving it a second glance and thinking of it as just another substandard coffee shop that mushroomed along with others that we wished we never tried. But lazy and left with no other choice on a gimmick-less, chilly Friday night, we decided to give Bastille a chance at last. [We weren’t in the mood to travel all the way to Alabang/BF/Makati for coffee.]

The cafe is rather spacious. Its ambiance is typical of the more common coffee shops around only made more cozy by lounge chairs, pillows, couches, a shelf of books, a sizable collection of memorabilia, kitschy furniture, racks of magazines and newspapers, coffee tables [literally: low wooden tables with coffee beans encased in glass] and warm yellow lighting. There was even a glass wall where guests can write/draw whatever they wish. An al-fresco area is allotted for the smokers and/or those who simply favor the cold night breeze. Their wide-ranging menu is not confined to just coffee, tea, cakes, and pastries. We were actually surprised to learn that the café offers full meals, pasta dishes, soups, salads, and sandwiches too.

Here’s a slideshow to let you have a clearer grasp of what Bastille looks like.

Check out the coffee shop’s counter and bar system. See also the coffee menu, assortment of tea, cake display, the cookie jars, and that cute miniature manual grinder. Just click to zoom.

Check out their Wall of Thoughts and what Francis wrote on it.

Click to enlarge

Hehe! 😉 By the way, the set up beyond the glass wall is the smoking area.

On the night we first visited Bastille, all we had were frappés since we just finished with dinner. We weren’t sure what to expect so we got just the regular-sized ones. Francis chose Mocha Roca [mocha and almond] while I had Irish Choco [Irish cream and chocolate].



We were happy with the presentation but we were more excited to know how their coffee would fare. Francis was the first one to take a sip. Then, for a moment, he fell silent. The next thing he did was egg me to go have a taste of my drink. I, at that moment, took a sip as well. It was dreamy! I was stunned. The coffee they used was a strong, bold-flavored blend. The whole concoction was creamy and smooth. The syrup used was also commendable. [I saw that they used Torani.] Even if I were in a blindfold, I would have guessed correctly the frappé’s flavor. Absentmindedly, we quickly exchanged glasses, took sips from each, and exchanged again. His was as pleasant as mine. We can’t stop raving, comparing, and cursing. We had a hard time accepting the fact that we have been missing out on a lot by ignoring this café. We were all the more floored when our bill arrived and summed up to just P210… Mocha Roca – P100; Irish Choco – P110. Unbelievable? Believe it.

The following Friday, we were back. Yes, we are a step closer to becoming regulars. Haha! We had planned on getting cakes with our coffee but that night, there was only the last lonely slice of Dulce de Leche cheesecake in their chiller. We eventually agreed on getting just drinks again. This time, I went for something hot — Butterscotch Cappucino, large [P80]. Francis got a frappé once more, this time in a different flavor and size — Mocha Hazelnut, large [P120]. How do you possibly get over those prices??? You don’t.

Yet again, Bastille delivered and did not disappoint. Our drinks were delicious, addicting, even. They were full-bodied and sweetened just right. Simply heavenly. We can’t wait to sample their cakes. I was especially eye-ing the Toblerone cake on our first visit. And I’m dying to taste their Matcha frappé. We will drop by again this weekend, a little earlier maybe, and definitely have some of that.

Moral of the story: Never neglect the little things. Never skimp on that extra effort, those additional few minutes, that second glance something or someone deserves. Never slip up a wonderful opportunity by giving everything and everyone a chance. I think a joyride down South won’t hurt especially now that Bastille seems to be calling you.

Bastille Cafe
71 Dona Soledad Avenue, Better Living Subd., Paranaque City
Telephone: 823-1941 (For pick-up and delivery)



2 responses to “What ALMOST Fell Through The Cracks

  1. Smarla says:

    Wooow great find! 🙂 ugh i really wish there’s a direct train to paranaque. i’ll ask my friend from paranaque to bring me there

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