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My Sweetest Downfall

on December 13, 2010

How can you not drool over the mere thought of cherry-flavored ice cream with luscious chunks of Bing cherries and nuggets of rich dark chocolate all swirled with fudge?

Let me introduce to you what/who I consider the sweetest taboo. Meet Cherry Garcia.

“Oh Cherry Garcia, you could be the death of me, for all I care, but knowing that I got my hands on you gives me the highest form of satisfaction and joy!”

Ben & Jerry’s euphorically edible tribute to guitarist Jerry Garcia & Grateful Dead fans, Cherry Garcia is the first ice cream named after a rock legend, which also happens to be the most famous in the line of fan-suggested flavors.

PMSing and slobbering over the sight of B&J’s ice cream on the newspaper led me to call Francis and coerce him to accompany me to the nearest Rustan’s supermarket. In 15 minutes, he appeared at our front door and we were ready to go.

The nearest would’ve been Rustan’s Fresh! in Paseo de Magallanes but since Francis was in the mood for some gyudon and gyoza before having dessert, he decided on Rustan’s Supermarket in Ayala Center, instead. I, on the other hand, couldn’t care less. I was just all for my B&J’s.

Such a sight to behold!

Ben & Jerry’s has more than a hundred eclectic flavors to suffice every craving but unfortunately Rustan’s carries only a limited number. The minute I saw that THE flavor was available, I was suddenly filled with ecstasy I cannot seem to contain. I was so caught up in my rapture that I wanted to cry. Seriously. That’s how much my beloved Cherry Garcia affects me.

Since there was no place in the supermarket where we can stay to eat, we just asked for wooden ice cream spoons and hurried to the car. We spent the entire drive home eating and cursing. Note: No matter how many times you have this and how many ways you tackle a pint, the same reactions prevail.

Had the Greek gods sampled this Ben and Jerry favorite, there would have been no talk of ambrosia nor nectar on Mount Olympus. Instead, an ice cream parlor would have been opened. It is that good! To describe the ice cream itself and/or the whole experience [of reveling in it] would be comparable to seeing Atlantis… or a unicorn. It is plainly impossible. Well, you’ll think you probably can but you actually cannot. You need to experience it yourself to know. Cherry Garcia, in general, is just too beautiful for words to express. Smiley

It’s saddening to see that, in a flash, all that heavenly goodness could slip away. 😦


The B&J pints were on sale at the time so we got it for P341. A pint is originally priced at P380. Steep, yes, but don’t you think you deserve such indulgence from time to time? Well, I do.



4 responses to “My Sweetest Downfall

  1. chunky monkey and karamel sutra for me 🙂

  2. Smarla says:

    hmmm a little expensive but i haven’t tried ben & jerry’s yet. i’ll beg someone to buy it for me. hahaha

    • dashashash says:

      the whole B&J experience will compensate for the price. swear, makakalimutan mo na nagbayad ka nang mahal. but yeah, it’ll always be better if you don’t spend. just ask somebody else to spend for you. 😛

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