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Year-End Giveaway

on December 16, 2010

As previously stated, I will be ending this fruitful year with another treat. Aside from being a year-ender, my next contest would be the second part of my blog’s Yuletide Giveaway [my thank-you gift and Christmas present in one for your continued support]. A new set of swag, courtesy of Planner People, is up for grabs.

I wrote about Planner People here and shared with everyone how awesome their planners are. Incidentally, the honchos behind Planner People happen to be the very people who created Notebooks, Etc., an Etsy store whose products I’ve been lemming over the past months. That’s one amazing discovery I learned just a couple of weeks ago.

This was a collage I made and uploaded in both my FB & Twitter a few months ago. It shows all the lovely blank journals I’ve been lusting over, most of which are from Notebooks, Etc. [Click to enlarge]

Notebooks, Etc. is the name of the e-commerce site that was the brainchild of Regina Silva. On that site, handmade paper goods designed and illustrated by her are being sold for unbelievably low prices. Local artists like Reg should be patronized and works of such talent should be promoted/endorsed. Take a peek at her quirky designs here.

It’s contest time!!! Of course you would love to know what you’ll be vying for, wouldn’t you? I have no plans of prolonging the suspense here so let me now show you what one lucky reader could receive in the mail by the last week of December.

A set consisting of a 2011 planner, a blank journal, and button pins [all painstakingly designed by a fellow Filipino] is this promo’s loot. Aren’t they cute? Big YAY for Planner People and Notebooks, Etc. !!!

Under The Sea – Set of Three 1.75 inch Button Pins that retails for $4 in Etsy.com

a 4×5 notebook — double-loop spiral and side bound, containing 50 blank, unlined leaves

a 2011 hardbound planner in Bear design [Click here to know more about this planner]

Since it’s the season of giving, I would love it if everyone stands a chance of winning the prizes. I’ll make the mechanics extra simple. And by simple, I mean that interested parties would just have to provide me with a short answer [in the comments section] to this question: What is the single thing that makes you realize that Christmas is looming around the corner? Just give me anything that makes you truly feel the Christmas spirit. I would be delighted to read your answers. Oh and by the way, a person can comment only ONCE.

Promo period is from today, December 16 until December 25, 2010. As usual, the winner will be chosen via Random.org and will be announced here through a blog post on December 27, 2010. The winner will also be notified via e-mail.

I will be sending the prizes to the winner’s address for free and as soon as I can so the winner can start the year with the planner. I will have to contact the winner for shipping details so please do not forget to leave your email address in the corresponding area in the comments section. This giveaway is open to all Philippine residents only.

Ready, set, comment!!! Goodluck, everybody. Merry Christmas!!! Smiley



148 responses to “Year-End Giveaway

  1. Mai says:

    I know it’s Christmas when I hear Christmas songs being played in the malls. πŸ™‚

    • Cher says:

      I know it’s Christmas is around the corner when the Christmas tree and decor are assembled at home, the malls are packed with people buying gifts in long queues, and the weather turns considerably colder (no need to turn up the air-conditioning as much).

  2. sheila mari says:

    christmas lights.. =)

    in every corner of metro manila i can see christmas light which makes me feel it’s already christmas.. =)

  3. Jeanne Sarmiento says:

    Simbang gabi! The hustle and bustle of people going to and coming from church at dawn (and the snarl of traffic that goes with it) reminds me that it will be Christmas day very soon. πŸ˜€

  4. Matt says:

    Simbang Gabi, Santa Clause and Kids on the streets making christmas carol in every house

  5. The single thing that makes me realize that Christmas is looming around the corner when everyone’s got their gifts and giveaways already done while I am not! As usual, I’m on the rush huhu 😦

  6. rlyn six8 says:

    when my aunt starts buying gifts and wrappers, and leave them at my side table :}
    i’m her official wrapping station, year in year out. really.

  7. zettaikareshi says:

    When my brother and I starts decorating christmas lights and decors in our house. Also when the you hear the children’s carolling every night. Always say “patawad!” Haha

  8. Rolly Pega Nunez says:

    I am not a Catholic but when the temperature became colder, holiday seasons come rushing in. I am preparing my jacket and thick blanket for my own comfort. And the most important part is, my relatives are asking for gifts or incentives for the success of the year and prepares for the big one.

  9. When those cashier lines in the malls get longer than ever, (with the sudden demand for toys, t-shirts and coffee mugs) it sure makes me realize that its only days before Christmas is here.

  10. The cold breeze and the little kids outside your gates singing Christmas carols are the mere signs that Christmas is indeed around the corner! πŸ™‚

  11. The single thing that makes me realize that Christmas is looming around the corner is when I see Christmas trees with christmas ornaments, gifts, and decors, of course, which is only visible during Christmas. πŸ™‚
    My husband has broken out our holiday lights (and let me note, he never took down the lights from our roof since last year. 😦

  12. Diana Beatima says:

    The single thing that makes me realize that Christmas is looming around the corner is when I hear Christmas carols being played almost everywhere. But let us always keep in our mind that the 1st six letter in the word Christmas is the most important in this season.

  13. ladymishel says:

    Malls are all jammed-packed, there’s the severe traffic everywhere, people are busier here and there but amidst all these chaos I know Christmas is just around the corner just by seeing happiness in every one’s faces.


  14. Joyce C. says:

    It’s Christmas when shops hold sales almost every week! Sales are everywhere (even ukay-ukays) that’s why I’m broke during Christmas πŸ˜›

  15. For me, I feel that Christmas is looming around the corner when it’s already the start day of Simbang gabi… πŸ™‚

  16. It’s when I started seeing the puto bumbong vendor in the side walks.


  17. Jamie Chua says:

    What is the single thing that makes you realize that Christmas is looming around the corner?

    It’s Christmas when my school puts up the colorful, made of recycled materials, lanterns πŸ™‚ they’re so awesooooome!

  18. When my I see and hear the childrens doing the Caroling thing by house to house.


  19. What is the single thing that makes you realize that Christmas is looming around the corner?

    It’s when I hear the Christmas songs everywhere and the people started to put Christmas decorations.


  20. Carla says:

    cold weather, christmas carols, bazaars all over the place and the urge to buy gifts for other without expecting to get something in return πŸ™‚

  21. Kim P. says:

    I know it’s Christmas when the breeze is already cool and dama de notche perfumes the air.

  22. hidburn says:

    When my partner starts asking questions like “How old is so and so, again?” and totes a pen and paper in hand, she’s already making a list and checking it twice πŸ™‚

  23. Ma. Laarni K. Berdan says:

    It’s Christmas all right, with the dazzling lights along the roads, all twinkling, yehey!!!


  24. rose says:

    Christmas is looming around the corner when i started to hear x’mas jingles over the radio! and feel the cold breeze of the holiday season!

  25. Michelle Sayo says:

    i know it’s christmas when I see people selling puto bumbong and bibingka. Whenever it’s christmas time you have to get in line to be able to have one.

  26. Rese says:

    I know it’s Christmas once there’s only holiday themed songs on our car’s radio. Meanwhile, we’re passing the brightly decorated houses and streets as the snow slowly accumulates. Beautiful. πŸ™‚

    Thank you for the giveaway! Merry Christmas and New Year! πŸ˜€

  27. Vida says:

    Could it be the delicious smell of puto bumbong and bibingka? The hustle and bustle on the street as early church-goers attend Simbang Gabi? The merry sounds of carols playing or sung? The twinkling lights on the Christmas trees or the vibrant colors of the Parol? Or maybe the delicately designed Belen?

    I realize and feel that Christmas is just around the corner from the look on people’s faces. Life may be harder now. Prices may be soaring and the malls may be packed… but Christmas is Christmas – – – and it’s a Filipino Christmas to boot!

    The look is classic! Young and old, rich and poor alike look forward to Christmas – the Christmas spirit is there… the look of utter JOY and HAPPINESS! The CHILD-LIKE ANTICIPATION on people’s faces. It’s beautiful.


  28. Kany Vic says:

    Well when I could see lots of people queue on christmas shopping centers then i would say yeah, its christmas already. When there is a sweet smell of Bibingka and puto bumbong during the break of dawn. Pretty yummy smell…

  29. Seeing all the decorations and lights in the buildings and all around the metro makes me realize that Christmas is just around the corner.


  30. zoan says:

    What is the single thing that makes you realize that Christmas is looming around the corner?

    The Single Thing that makes me realize that Christmas is looming around the corner is when I started to hear people making their Christmas WISH LIST, and that people includes my god-daughters and god-sons πŸ˜€

  31. Joyce Zabala says:

    I know it’s already Christmas when different Christmas decors are already set in different malls as early as September!

  32. Mylene M. Calleja says:

    a slight change of climate, cool wind especially in the morning

  33. Tanya says:

    I know that Christmas is around the corner when I start receiving Christmas cards in the mail from my family and friends.

  34. jeffrey john imutan says:

    I know that Christmas is near when my wife and children starts putting up decorations at home. The whole family starts wrapping gifts together.

  35. vera paola reyes says:

    The nice cold breeze of Christmas and of course, the presents!

  36. Edna Reyes says:

    When I hear the Christmas songs, I already know that Christmas is lolling around the corner.

  37. Pierre Angeli A. Suravilla says:

    Filipinos are excited as early as September sets in the calendar, as countdowns of the coming Christmas day is closely monitored especially by the TV Broadcast and even shows short footages related to Christmas.
    The Filipino Christmas would not be complete without the traditional Philippine Christmas symbols and decorations. Christmas lights are strung about in festoons as the tail of the Star of Bethlehem in Belens in shapes like stars, Christmas trees, angels, and in a large variety of other ways, even going as far as draping the whole outside of the house in lights. Aside from Western decorations like Santa claus, Christmas trees tinsel, etc, the Philippines has its own ways of showing that it is the holidays. πŸ™‚

  38. shaz gepana says:

    the single thing that makes me realize that Christmas is looming around the corner is when my mom started decorating our christmas tree..

  39. jam es says:

    after dec1 and world aids day is remembered, i know simbang gabi is sure to follow in the blink of an eye πŸ™‚ then, its time to cram

  40. lynor says:

    im happy when i know its christmas coming…i hear christmas song’s on the radio,children’s start carol,every neighbors have thr own christmas decors,all the stores lots of christmas decors display to sell and my family planning for every presents of each other and what my mom plan to cook for the christmas eve…..i love christmas time.

  41. Min Viloria says:

    When I see Christmas lights on houses, beautifully decorated.

  42. avie ang-cacao says:

    Christmas is just around the corner, when people start decorating their Christmas trees, and you can hear christmas carols being played everywhere. ^_^

  43. Jose Lorenzo Manongsong says:

    The Christmas is around the corner if the people are to busy buying gifts to their loved ones. Christmas songs being played at the malls. 13th month pay, of course! πŸ™‚

  44. Gladita Manongsong says:

    When the houses are decorated with Christmas lights, the SALE of almost all malls nationwide and the start of -BER months.

  45. Jose Lorenzo Manongsong says:

    Christmas is near when we start to prepare foods to be eaten at Noche Buena!

  46. Marielrem says:

    When the air is a little bit colder than usual and when my goddaugthers and godsons are making ‘papansin’ to me telling me what they want as a gift for christmas.

  47. bettibot says:

    Christmas season – when all the people seems to be happy and joyful.=)

  48. Chidanice Jose says:

    When I see and hear children singing Christmas caroling songs in their own lyrics and melody in every house that I pass by and it really keeps me reminisce my childhood wayback 18 years ago, which I experienced it doing only once with my friends and we earned Php50 each. =)

  49. I realize that it’s Christmas when I already feel the cold breeze of the air! I also realize it’s Christmas when I saw Bibingka and Puto Bumobng sellers on the streets. πŸ™‚

  50. Janet says:

    I realize that Christmas is looming around the corner when my professors are giving the students like me a lot of homework –all due in January.

  51. James Raymond says:

    I know that Christmas is looming around the corner when my girlfriend gives me a nice present …plus extra hugs and kisses that makes my heart grow fonder of her. πŸ™‚

  52. Tetet says:

    Christmas is looming around the corner when a lot of children flock outside out house to sing melodious songs!

  53. Third says:

    The UP Lantern Parade which was held awhile ago. The UP Lantern Parade signals the start of UP student’s vacation and so starting today, December 18, it is officially my Christmas vacation!

  54. Patricia Ann E. Magarro says:

    September tells me that Christmas is at hand! πŸ™‚ I love “ber” months!

  55. Flora says:

    When I see a lot of warehouse sales and bazzaars!

  56. rajams says:

    I know that Christmas is just around the corner when I see our office Christmas tree being decorated..

  57. Earl Cuesta says:

    The change in climate. The air becomes cooler. And since I have sensitive skin, my poor skin begins to chaff =(
    No matter, it still is CHRISTmas =)

  58. camille says:

    I know it is Christmas whenever I feel the cold breeze in the morning.

  59. jared's mum says:

    i can sense that christmas is looming whenever i feel the cold breeze accompanied by children singing all-time favorite carols drifting in the air…
    vixenp33 at gmail dot com

  60. lee says:

    The things that made me realize that Christmas is approaching are the cold weather, Christmas carols on the radio, when my brother makes parinig na what gift he wants! I really love Christmas, for me it’s a time for more family bonding…merry Christmas to you ms. dash!

  61. clara reyes says:

    Everyone is very busy attending parties, preparing gifts, buying clothes for the family.
    Christmas decors everywhere glittering lights left and right and cold breeze at night.

  62. Melody Kay says:

    I know it’s Christmas when I’m suddenly feeling extra generous–as if I want to give out gifts to every living being.

  63. valerie says:

    christmas promos and contests :))

  64. mike says:

    carolings and simbang gabi

  65. Christmas season sign = There are lot of people in the mall ^^

  66. Honey says:

    I know it’s Christmas when I see houses and establishments adorned by Christmas lights. =)

  67. worldofdez says:

    I know it’s Christmas when the cool morning breeze and late night wind bring chills to me. Also, I know it’s Christmas when t.v. stations play their Christmas station IDs once in a while. And lastly, I know that Christmas is looming when suddenly, everyone’s in the mood of giving gifts…just like you. Heheh! Merry Christmas!

  68. Ely says:

    When I see lanterns and bright lights along the streets, i feel a sense of peace and joy.

  69. Justine Laure says:

    I feel the Christmas spirit in the air upon the start of Simbang Gabi. The challenge of getting up early, the insightful sermons of the priest, the calmness of the spirit: oh boy, Christmas is truly on the roll! πŸ˜€

  70. Mei Santiago says:

    What is the single thing that makes you realize that Christmas is looming around the corner?

    When i saw the word “BER” in my calendar. I know that this is the start of Ber Months which comprises in the upcoming Christmas.

  71. Christine marie F. Limbo says:

    when someone greets me happy bday… and when i see people smiling and giving gifts… πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ when i feel the love is around me… whenever i turn my glance i only see love πŸ˜€

  72. I know Christmas is just around the corner when the streets and skies of UP Diliman burst into lights and colors during the annual Lantern Parade. πŸ™‚

  73. Amelie says:

    I can feel that Christmas is actually here if there are a lot of charity works popping out. Giving is one of the true spirits of Christmas right? *wink*

  74. Ruth says:

    I know it is Christmas when people started checking the net for bargains, tiangge schedules and warehouse sales!

  75. cherry says:

    the exchanging of gifts, kris kringle, and doing outreach to share our blessings to others

  76. a sign in which i know christmas is around the corner, when we started decorating our christmas tree, hearing children’s carol, and receiving super early christmas presents. πŸ™‚

  77. Krizcia says:

    I know Christmas season is here when the days are shorter and the nights are longer. πŸ™‚

  78. pure says:

    Christmas carols on the radio πŸ™‚

  79. cherry says:

    Q: What is the single thing that makes you realize that Christmas is looming around the corner?
    A: -BER months, Christmas countdowns, endless sale, and of course, crazy traffic everywhere.

  80. Lea says:

    I know that Christmas is looming around the corner when I see parols hanging on our neighbors’ windows and when I hear children singing Christmas songs at our door. In addition, I know that the holiday season is upon us when my nephews and nieces start telling me about their favorite gifts (or more aptly, the gifts that they want to receive).

  81. stardust says:

    When shopping malls start to get packed with people going for christmas shopping, then I know that christmas is just around the corner. Gift-giving at its finest when christmas is here. πŸ™‚

  82. Jenievie Espino says:

    One thing that reminds me that Christmas is looming around is when I smell the aroma of puto bumbong and bibingka when I go to church during simbang gabi. The smell doesnt just reminds me but it also gives me the feeling that Christmas is around me. πŸ™‚

  83. steffi says:

    Christmas is just around the corner when the garbage collectors show up in your area more polite and sweeter than their usual self, complete with their even sweeter smiles, and a distinct white envelope!

  84. Grace says:

    You know that Christmas is around the corner when the houses around the neighborhood start to put up Christmas lights or hang parols and when the children start to sing Christmas carols with their make-shift instruments from crowns and tin cans.

  85. sleepyhead says:

    christmas light, christmas tree and of course paskuhan festivities in ust.

  86. torque15 says:

    christmas carols on the radio, as early as the -ber months, they make me smile.
    malls setting up christmas lights and decors, they remind me of my inaanaks.
    christmas schedules and christmas parties, i think i really should finish my christmas and shopping list πŸ™‚

  87. Nikka says:

    It’s those lights that look like colored stars. Christmas lights! πŸ™‚

  88. Starrie Sun says:

    I truly feel that Christmas is coming once Christmas parties and kris kringles/exchange gifts come in. These are sure signs that the spirit of Christmas is really creeping into people. As a whole, I feel that Christmas is celebrated shorter and shorter each year, with the onset of different occasions and celebrations cutting short the early celebration of Christmas starting with the Ber months (i.e. halloween is a major hindrance in my humble opinion, especially in mall decors). But I am still thankful that we Filipinos still value our traditions nonetheless.

  89. kaye says:

    Once Christmas songs are being played on the radio, Christmas season is finally here.

  90. edsie says:

    I know that Christmas is just around the corner when Divisoria mall, Tutuban and 168 starts to get jampacked, lines in grocery stores are longer than ever, christmas carols are starting to get played everywhere and there are twinkling lights on most windows of each house. πŸ™‚ Happiness!!1

  91. ian899 says:

    I know its Christmas whenever I encounter a heavy traffic of people inside the malls and bright blinking lights are everywhere plus the puto bumbong and bibingka vendors in our neigborhood start to open their stalls on the side walks.

  92. jerm says:

    Fishbowl mania / draw lots for exchange gifts!!!
    Mga parinig from friends and family for gifts.

  93. Dan Mikhael Gahol says:

    I know it’s Christmas when the nights become cold and long. And when Puto Bumbong is already sold outside churches! πŸ™‚

  94. SHIRLEY LIM says:

    What is the single thing that makes you realize that Christmas is looming around the corner?
    The people around me are friendlier and more approachable. That’s really nice.

  95. Liza Jana Dy says:

    i know its christmas when everyone i know is preparing for the gifts they will be giving, and seeing christmas decors, lights make me feel christmas is in the air..^^

  96. Camille says:

    What is the SINGLE thing that makes me realize that Christmas is looming around the corner?

    Colder and longer nights. πŸ™‚

  97. Janus Paul Dela Cruz says:

    I know that’s Christmas is near when I see many people in Malls and the traffic is very bad on weekends.


  98. ning says:

    I feel its christmas already when i notice that little bounce or spring when people walk. It’s as if waiting for a momentous occassion to happen. ^_^ and they are right was well.


  99. Nica says:

    I know it’s Christmas when I start seeing puto bumbong and bibingka vendors on our town plaza, which is usually around the last half of October!

  100. kaho din says:

    The breeze at dusk gets cooler, shopping malls get brighter, traffic is heavier, groceries are full of people with full shopping carts, and the radio is filled with Christmas tunes. Love Pinoy Christmas!

  101. Flor says:

    I know that Christmas is just around the corner when my hot-headed boss becomes “mr.friendly”.I think that it is the influence of Christmas spirit,it brings the best person inside us. =)

  102. Paula Ortega says:

    Christmas lights, definitely! πŸ™‚

  103. prosti says:

    The single thing that makes me realize that Christmas is REALLY looming around the corner, is the start of Misa de Gallo. It’s the nine day novena masses that’s serve as a prelude to Christmas.

  104. angelblue24 says:

    The single thing that makes me realize that Christmas is looming around the corner are christmas songs…When I started hearing them on the radios, malls and on the streets I know Christmas is near. Merry Christmas to all! XD

  105. What is the single thing that makes you realize that Christmas is looming around the corner?

    Christmas lights and Christmas tree brights up each homes =)

  106. Anna says:

    I realize that Christmas is just around the corner every time I turn on the television and see countdowns till Christmas πŸ™‚

  107. The thing that realizes me that christmas time is coming when I saw christmas trees, christmas lights and decoration in our house … also the puto bumbong and bibingka along the street… yummy!

  108. Lydia F. Cardenas says:

    i realize that Christmas is just around the corner bec. everyone is so generous.

  109. Dominique says:

    When my Mom starts to run around like a headless chicken, what with all the shopping, the gift wrapping, the baking (love the smell wafting around the house though), the prepping for parties and the misa de gallo to attend to. That’s when I know for sure that Christmas is just looming around the corner!

  110. daeaSR says:

    Simbang Gabi, no doubt! And all the kakanin being sold outside church are so tempting to pair with hot choco when you get home.

  111. Annie says:

    it finally hit me that Christmas is around the corner when i heard my 2 and 9months old son singing jingles bells, so cute even though hanggang jingles bells jingle bells lang πŸ™‚

  112. Abby says:

    What is the single thing that makes you realize that Christmas is looming around the corner?

    I know that Christmas is looming around the corner when malls and radio stations start playing Christmas songs once the -ber months start.

  113. Nelson Alejo says:

    When I started hearing the christmas song of Aegis Band “Christmas Bonus” (Kaya’t Ibigay mo na aming christmas bonus.. hahaha)

  114. Bernadette Santiago says:

    When I street kids caroling in front of our house.

  115. Ramona Joy David says:

    i can feel that Christmas is just around the corner when I notice that people seems to be extra kind to someone, accepting and forgiving faults “in the spirit” of Christmas, when most of us show extra generosity and people go out of their ways to give something to someone, no matter how hassle it is to choose, buy and wrap the gifts.

  116. GRACE says:


  117. Bagel says:

    when all my small cousins started to hang out in our house again because its their Christmas vacation already.

  118. Dani says:

    I know Christmas is just around the corner when everybody else starts talking about Christmas being around the corner! Nothing more infectious than other people’s Christmas spirits.

  119. mae says:

    I know Christmas is near when I hear the ‘kampana’ ring at the nearby church at dawn.

  120. kit says:

    i know its christmas when its so hard to wake up in the morning because its so cold! you want to snuggle up in your toasty blanket πŸ™‚

  121. Rey says:

    The cool breeze in the morning when I wake up makes me feel excited that Christmas is coming!

  122. Armilyn Marcelino says:

    I know it’s Christmas because people are already talking and waiting for their 13th month pay πŸ™‚

  123. Parminderjit Kaur Bhogal says:

    I know that Christmas is just around the corner because everything seems so orderly and peaceful. Enemies reconcile, families reunite, everybody just kiss and makeup. Also, I know that it’s Christmas time already because people are in every mall and shopping place and christmas parties are just everywhere. πŸ˜€

  124. Agus says:

    What is the single thing that makes you realize that Christmas is looming around the corner?

    Almost everybody seems to be kind to one another. It’s a whole month of being good. (Probably wants Santa to take note that they’re nice and not naughty so they can receive gifts) πŸ™‚

  125. Pat says:

    Places are decorated, beautiful lights brighten up the metro, and christmas songs fill the air with wonderful tunes.

  126. Agus says:

    I know its Xmas when I can hear about how much we’ll be receiving for 13th month pay . Just the thought of it makes me smile. What else would make everybody’s pocket happy?

  127. alexpearl17 says:

    It’s Christmas when there’s a chilly sensation in the air that fills you with the spirit of giving!

  128. Sukhbir Kaur Bhogal says:

    When everyone is giving and happy, that’s when I feel that Christmas is just around the corner. πŸ™‚

  129. Kate says:

    I know it’s Christmas when people start talking about what they’ll do with the bonuses they’ll be receiving in December. πŸ™‚

  130. receiving gifts from relatives and friends makes me feel and realize, wow it’s christmas again! It’s not everyday i received gifts. LOL.

    Happy holidays!

  131. dianneregina says:

    definitely.. puto bungbong!
    early september pa lang may christmas breeze na because of puto bungbong! πŸ™‚

  132. Patricia C. Constantino says:

    Once the BER months arrive, WE THINK CHRISTMAS IS COMING. πŸ™‚

  133. Once “BER” months starts, then I know Christmas is coming πŸ™‚

  134. Bambi Yu says:

    Aside from the gifts, x’mas decors and cold weather, it is the season where you can see family spend time together to celebrate the birth of Christ. For friends, it is the time of planning for next year’s activities like travel =)

  135. Marizen Villamora says:

    It’s definitely Christmas around the corner when I hear Jose Mari Chan’s “Christmas In Our Heart” Song. That’s when I feel it’s really time for me to prepare my gifts.

  136. Maria Kenneth Sy says:

    The feel of cold weather at night makes me think that Christmas is around the corner. =)


  137. Angelo Penamayor says:

    Kapag may nangangaroling na sa labas ng bahay namin. Hehe.

  138. Fernan Dacles says:

    Whenever I hear Christmas Songs played… I can feel that Christmas is near.

  139. Maila Chris Ganoy says:

    Pag malamig na ang simoy ng hangin. ^_^

  140. paul says:

    i know christmas is near when the lady who sells bibingka opens up her stall again (its open only during the ber months!) πŸ˜€ happy holidays!

  141. christmas lights never fail to remind me that Christmas is coming soon!^^

  142. salmoncat says:

    I realize Christmas is around the corner when the months begin to end in -ber.

  143. Damien Docejo says:

    The single thing that makes me realize that Christmas is looming around the corner is when Edsa, Ayala Ave., C5 and other main roads are filled with Christmas lights while we stare at them for minutes and hours due to heavy traffic caused by malls and bazaars everywhere!

  144. alma si says:

    my favorite would be the start of simbang gabi.
    and malls starting to fill with people shopping for holiday gifts.

  145. Angelica N. says:

    When I see Christmas lights and bazaars are all over the place. πŸ™‚

  146. I know it’s Christmas when I open my coin bank or savings box to buy gifts for my parents and sisters! It’s the season wherein I willingly sacrifice my long-earned savings for the people I love the most!

  147. ben son says:

    Christmas tunes on the radio and party schedules being set up.

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