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New Year, New Site, New Look

But, of course, it would still be the same ol’ me.

I would like to inform everyone that I have a new blogging home and it is now on this site. I hope to hear from you soon.

Cheers!!! Let’s drink to a prosperous new year for all of us… and to more blog readers and followers for me. Hehe.

Thanks for sharing 2010 with me. I’m certain that 2011 would be way more awesome with your continued support and friendship.

What do you think of my new web page? I would love to hear from you via the chat box in my new site. [Yeeessss!!! LOL]

Pieces of A Wunderkind’s Mind
a.k.a. Dash Estefani
New Website: http://dashashash.com/

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Balms Away!!!

I have recently stumbled upon this online store which sells all-organic balms that cater to almost every need. They have lip balms, herbal rubs, aromatherapy balms, and multi-purpose salves on offer.

Their lip balms, I’ve read, are made with cold-pressed virgin coconut oil and beeswax to soothe dry and chapped lips. They have six different variants/flavors available.

The herbal rubs are especially formulated to act as ‘save-the-day’ handy solutions to daily problems like feeling sluggish or having the worst headache because of a flu, being ravaged by insects and mosquitoes, or simply combating coughs & colds. I see that they have seven variants of these.

The aromatherapy balms, on the other hand, can either be simply inhaled or rubbed on the skin to receive its therapeutic benefits. Essential oils have been incorporated in these balms and will gently be absorbed into the bloodstream to aid various health, beauty and wellness conditions.

The multi-purpose salve, as its name implies, is an all-in-one quick relief balm that can be safely applied to the lips and the rest of the body. They claim that it’s just like having your own health Swiss Knife in balm form.

These organic products make me giddy with wanting. Smiley All sound really interesting, don’t you think? The packaging is equally appealing. The balms come in a 30-gram glass jar with aluminum lids, which I think is simple and dainty. But of course. it would be impractical to get all of those. So here’s where your insights come into the picture. I have really bad decision-making skills Smiley so I need help. Come give it to me by answering this poll. I am thanking you in advance.

PS. As soon as I’ve made up my mind [with your help, of course], I promise to share with you this awesome discovery [both store and products] and blog Smiley about it.


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Winners of the I ♥ BWnT Card Giveaway

For everyone who joined the promo, thank you so much! The response was really overwhelming.

Here are the names of the lucky [new] Buffalo’s Wings N’ Things cardholders. Congratulations to the following:

1. Vanessa Adam Patrick — posted the 8th entry
2. Anthony Tanaquin — posted the 18th entry
3. Lourdes Español — posted the 30th entry
4. Dianne Regina Batuigas — posted the 44th entry
5. Jameela Malicdem — winner via Random.org [Since there were less than five winners by the end of the promo period, the remaining card was raffled off and was chosen via a randomizer as per contest rules.]

Click to enlarge

Good job, guys! Enjoy your perks! [By the way, kindly check your Facebook inbox for the notification.]

Again, I wish to express my gratitude to everyone who participated and made my very first blog contest a success. Let’s drink to that. Rest assured that you’ll come across more contests like this. Continue reading Pieces of A Wunderkind’s Mind for updates on food, travel, books, and exciting promotions. At the same time, keep ’em [buffalo] wings comin’. Didn’t I tell you? It’s just great to get buffaloed!



Feeding Your Inner Geek: A Post Written Especially for Torque

As requested, here’s a detailed explanation of how to interpret the 8-word grammatically valid sentence, “Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo.”, used as an example of how homonyms and homophones can be used to create complicated linguistic constructs.

The sentence is unpunctuated and uses three different readings of the word “buffalo”. In order of their first use, these are:

* a. the city of Buffalo, New York, which is used as a noun adjunct in the sentence and is followed by the animal;
* n. the noun buffalo, an animal, in the plural (equivalent to “buffaloes” or “buffalos”), in order to avoid articles;
* v. the verb “buffalo” meaning to bully, confuse, deceive, or intimidate.

Marking each “buffalo” with its use as shown above gives the first sentence meaning:

Buffalo (a) buffalo (n) Buffalo (a) buffalo (n) buffalo (v) buffalo (v) Buffalo (a) buffalo (n).

[Let’s substitute the synonym “bison” for the animal “buffalo” and “bully” for the verb “buffalo”, leaving “Buffalo” to refer to the city.]

Thus, bison from Buffalo New York, which other bison from Buffalo New York bully, bully other bison in their community.

There is a second way to interpret the same 8-word sentence if the capitalization is changed.

Buffalo (a) buffalo (n) buffalo (v) Buffalo (a) buffalo (n) Buffalo (a) buffalo (n) buffalo (v).

That is, bison from Buffalo bully [other] bison from Buffalo that bison from Buffalo bully.

Note: There is nothing special about eight “buffalo”s. In fact, a sentence with “buffalo” repeated any number of times is grammatically correct.

Here’s one with 10 “buffalo”.

Buffalo (a) buffalo (n) Buffalo (adverb) buffalo (v) Buffalo (a) buffalo (n) Buffalo (a) buffalo (n) Buffalo (adverb) buffalo (v).

So, bison who live in Buffalo, and who are bullied [in a way unique to Buffalo <—adverb] by other bison from Buffalo, themselves bully [again, in the way unique to Buffalo] still other bison from Buffalo.

Amazing? Hell, I think so. Was I able to make it clear to you now, Torque? I sure hope so. *crosses fingers*



Bazaar, anyone?

According to Wikipedia, a bazaar is a permanent merchandising area, marketplace, or street of shops where goods and services are exchanged or sold. All year round here in Manila, there are a lot of shopping expos that cater to most of our fashion, home, food, health, and other needs but the number of small-time entrepreneurs that participate in bazaars increases exponentially during the -ber months, which happen to be the official start of the long Christmas season.

For most Filipinos, Christmas = shopping. It’s the time of the year when each goes out of his way just to be able to give gifts to friends, family, and loved ones as a way of showing their appreciation and gratitude or simply spreading the Holiday cheer.

To avoid the holiday rush, it pays to start your Christmas shopping early. To view the handy guide, painstakingly collated by Boy Kuripot, I found for those who plan to do their [budget] shopping in advance, click here. The list includes all the necessary information — date, venue, entrance fees — regarding all the Manila Bazaars starting this month.

Enjoy your Christmas shopping and Happy Holidays in advance!!!


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